Jul. 20th, 2012

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* made a spreadsheet of things to do in/around London and went through it with Sam, ranking his preferences
* responded to my mother's email
* Took Sam to and all around the Tower of London--normally I just do the beefeater tour, the crown jewels and a bit of the white tower, but we pulled out stops and did the white tower COMPLETELY, did the torture mini-exhibit, looked at the ravens properly, looked at the Bloody Tower, looked at the medieval palace and the wall, etc. Not EVERYTHING (it's a big complex, with a lot of shit going on), but a hell of a lot.
* Took sam to Borough market, got him English things--pork pie, custard tart, some... juice, which is not English, but he was thirsty
* atm run
* send Sam out for pizza ingredients
* tidied living room
* did laundry
* hung up the jumpers which had lingered on the chair forever
* called mom re: Sam's school: no response
* tidied kitchen sliiiiiiiiightly
* tried to teach Sam to make tea--may be a WIP
* froze lard
* tidied bedroom
* took out catpoo
* talked to Sam a lot
* called my mother to prompt her to book Edinburgh flatshare thing, got into dumb fight with her
* talked to Katy and Danny to calm down
* wrote annoyed post
* wrote mom a polite note, nicely telling her how she could do this herself, what my concerns were with her alternate plan, and asking yet again for Sam's school info
* confirmed Kim's transfer
* emailed Kim
* prompted Sam to email Kim
* prompted invigilation people about promised work
* wrote Cham Cheering Email (tm)
* prompted Katy re: her script
* emailed Jon re: his edits, prompting
* editing huge, nasty, poorly-written legal doc for dad
* wrote to his comptroller about the doc
* called potential window repair man
* wrote Parmar to say I'd done it
* wrote and posted another ad asking for window bids
* edited and rechecked kitchen CV
* wrote draft letter to accompany kitchen CV, sent to Katy for inspection
* wrote housemates about energy company situation, proposing various solutions
* reminded housemates about council tax payment
* listened to voice samples, read others' thoughts, and weighed in on big audio editing question
* cleaned by inbox from over 150 to 38
* spoke to Jon about a thing Sam wanted to do
* wrote dad to confirm receipt of the settlement letter I re-wrote

STILL SO SO SO SO FUCKING MUCH TO DO. SO BEHIND. Blame mother and her redonk drama and FRENZY and pointlessness, and saddling me with baby bro with NOTHING TO DO for a month. Love Sam, want him here, but kind of have some shit of my own, and his dad's allowance for him (and thus his ability to Do Tourist Shit 24/7)/his patience for endless 'Erin Does Landmark Tours, Tells You How To Identify Historical Things, Walking for Entire Day' affairs is naturally limited.


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