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Birthdate:Apr 18

My high school superlatives were Biggest Nerd and Most Likely to Secede From the Union. Our school had that category. I'm not joking.

I was forged in the fires of Mount Womb, and only there can I be destroyed. For more explicit detail, see my Bildungsroman.

On Friending:

I love friends and will probably friend you back! When I remember to. I suck at checking my user info. I like it when you introduce yourself, but if you'd like to preserve that air of internet mystique, so be it.

HOWEVER: I am weirdly anxious about friending people myself, so even if we've known each other eight years and cried womanfully in each others' arms over the death of a comrade and shit, I sill probably won't friend you first because that is *just now neurotic I am.* What if you thought that was inappropriate oh nooooooes?!?!? Basically: you'd better start. I'd probably be grateful for that. :p

Layout: milou_veronica

If you're here for fanfic and things of a similar ilk, x_losfic is where that lives.

I also help co-mod best_enemies, a Doctor/Master com.

Crepe: yodacrook
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