Jul. 11th, 2012

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Really hate how doing a formal, academic-work job ap DEVOURS your day. And god forbid you get behind at all, or it's much worse. And if you let it slide when you're behind, you just don't hold yourself responsible for doing them, b/c they're such day-consuming, pointless ass-munches. There is *nothing* I hate more than applying for things, as a process. So much busywork, and so much of it essentially pointless.

--Spent like 5-6 hours on this BITCH of an overly-formal job ap.
--Had to reuse the form for another job w/ them, and it STILL took like 2 hours
to even ADAPT that first one for this. It's for Admin 101, *naturally*, where the only question should be 'if I give you a computer, will you try to eat it?' '...no?' 'Whelp, okay then.'
--finished Blackpool while doing job aps (don't have a TON to say, but still want to write about it)
--tidied room
--hung, sorted and did loads of laundry
--Finished ALL the dishes
--made a little stir-fry to use up old rice
--changed sheets
--checked up on parents' travel plans
--started to look at Edinburgh program and hotels properly
--got an article posted, checked up on it, read it over
--started Jeremy Irons & Tom Hiddleston's Henry IV while doing chores
--got free books in the mail, wrote to SH about covering them
--did kitchen floor yesterday, forgot to say
--reminded Katy re: dinner tomorrow
--wrote Tu back
--prepped ham for next cooking stage
--packed Katy's lunch

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