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* Interesting 'what the fuck should I make for dinner?' style overview of the Obama administration: http://whatthefuckhasobamadonesofar.com/

* Every year, the reach of my massive Holiday cooking undertakings exceeds my grasp, and I am left with some things undone, half finished--the sad ghosts of my ambitions and good intentions. AND ISN'T THAT WHAT CHRISTMAS IS REALLY ALL ABOUT? 

In completely unrelated news, here's a never-decorated not-exactly-to-scale-model gingerbread replica of my row-house, complete with chimney, set-in door and window box, which I had to put out like this and am now throwing away. Wittgenstein's Gingerbread House. I drew the pieces on paste board with a ruler based off a modified Joy of Cooking template, cut them out, made the industrial! sturdy! gingerbread, rolled it out, put the pieces on, cut them out with a knife, baked them, and piped royal icing (sloppily, because I'm not at all used to working with nasty ass but construction friendly English Royal Icing/piping bags) to connect the pieces and mend the broken back roof. I made more to decorate... sigh. 

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If we aren’t blood relatives of close degree/explicitly seeing each other at the party or Christmas Day to exchange gifts, please don’t get me anything (nice though the thought may be!), because I don’t have money to get you anything and will feel shamed by the discrepancy, etc.

For shipping cost reasons, it’s always better to order something for me online from a UK company, and if a gift-certificate is involved, to get that via a UK company as well. I don’t mean to be fussy, it’s just unnecessarily expensive for anyone to ship items from the US, and difficult for me to buy things while home and get them back to the UK.

In no order, save ‘money’, which is rightly at the top of any list I make x_x :

* money
* a class where I get to learn to make something cool or learn a new skill (jewelry making, hats, sewing, cooking, learning about something I don’t know about like cheese-making, etc.)
* something (if it’s clothing related) of the above that I can do with Katy
* a sewing machine
* a Kitchenaid mixer
* a copy of Benjamin’s Arcades Project (book)
* Primark brogues? shoes (not like, heels, which I can never wear, unless very flattish--I should like to help pick out shoes, if possible)?
* board games well-rated on boardgamegeek.com
* a travel chess set of this specific sort (not necessarily from this site/this brand): http://www.jwebshop.com/images/l/J00064/J000640320.jpg without necessarily the timer or bags
* a new cutting board of decent quality
* piping bags
* book store money
* money to spend at Borough market, other nice food places
* theater gift certificates
* this action figure set: http://forbiddenplanet.com/61534-doctor-who-action-figures-fifth-doctor-the-master-planet-of-fire/?utm_source=googleps&utm_medium=comparison
* William Morris pattern curtains
* Arts and Crafts and/or Aesthetic movement-looking things


Dec. 16th, 2011 02:14 pm
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Man apparently making peppermint bark (tasty, impressive-looking, expensive in stores, Sir Not-Available in the UK) is the easiest shit ever--thanks Paula Deen (not just for butter anymore!)

This recipe is all about white chocolate and peppermint extract/bits, but you could easily layer or substitute dark chocolate: (http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/paula-deen/peppermint-bark-recipe/reviews/index.html?pn=5)
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Today I:

* made Katy a big detailed grocery list
* gave her some instructions so she could (very kindly) do two things I needed for me at the bank (GOOD to have those done)
* dealt with the fallout from abandoner!room-mate, telling everyone, doing damage control, posting new ads w/ Katy and showing the house to three people/following up with them (HUGE amount of shit)
* fed the Christmas cakes brandy
* answered many an email
* did some dishes
* made/decorated three Pomanders for the tree (a traditional one, one that says 'Merry Xmas' in cloves, and a Star of David one just 'cause)
* helped Katy a little as she did more decoration--but mostly she did it all, tbh.
* figured out how to fit the caulk into the skeleton gun holster
* made gingerbread dough
* made sugar cookie dough
* made gingerbread house dough (this Joy of Cooking recipe went wonky and needed almost half a cup of water to hold it together--it looks fine now, and I'm more concerned w/ its tensile strength than its flavor, but I *do* wonder what went so wrong. Sas it that the molasses was English and thus different somehow? That I ran out and Morrisons had no more and I had to cut it with black treacle? That is was old as the hills? 
* Endured shitty, shitty migraine
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Christmas Party Menu

The Turduckon is for the lulz.


AP English!Pigs in a Blanket (Easy)
AP Puppy Chow (Easy) (Make Ahead)
VEG Roast Potatoes (Moderate)
VEG Green beans with sauteed mushrooms OR Green Bean/Mushroom Casserole (Prep Ahead)
VEG Roast Carrots & Parsnips (Prep Ahead)
BREAD Yorkshire Puddings (Moderate) (Ask Katy to make?)
MAIN Turduckon (Easy) (Buy, Iceland, £10)
DES L/AC Gingerbread Men
DES L/AC Christmas Cookies (Make Ahead)
DES L Mince pies (Make Ahead)
DEC SH Buche de Noel (Technical Challenge)
DEC SH Gingerbread House (Make Ahead)
DRINK Mulled Wine (Easy)
DRINK Egg Nog (Easy)
DRINK Hot Chocolate (Easy)
DRINK Snowballs (Easy) (Ask Jason to bring?)

Discard Pile:

Dec SH Croquembrouche (Technical Challenge)

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Christmas Eve

AP Cheese Platter/Potted Cheese (Make Ahead)/Crackers (Easy) (Buy)
AP Deviled Eggs (Easy) (Make Ahead)
VEG Mashed Sweet Potatoes (Easy)
VEG Fried Okra (Technical Challenge)
VEG Broccoli Cheese (Easy)
Bread Corn Bread (Moderate)
MAIN Will’s Ham (Make Ahead)
DES L Mince Pies (Make Ahead)
DES L Guniness Gingerbread (Easy) (Make Ahead)
DES SH/AC Gingerbread Men and Christmas Cookies (Make Ahead)
DES SH Christmas Cake (Make Ahead)
DRINK Mulled Wine (Easy)
DRINK Egg Nog (Easy)
DRINK Hot Chocolate (Easy)

Christmas Day


Lox, Bagels, Spreads (Easy, Buy)
Croissants (Easy, Buy)
Bread (Easy, Buy)
Cottage Cheese (Ew.) (Easy, Buy)
cinnamon rolls? ---------------
egg/sausage casserole?----
DRINK Holiday Lattes (Moderate)


VEG Maple-Glazed Parsnips (Moderate) (Make Ahead?)
VEG Butternut Squash Gratin (Moderate) (Make Ahead?)
FRUIT Cranberry Sauce (Make Ahead)
BREAD Yorkshire Puddings (Moderate) (Ask Katy to make?)
BREAD Stuffing (Moderate) (Make Ahead?)
MAIN  Goose or Duck (SORT FAST!) (Technical Challenge)
SAUCE Thin Gravy (Moderate)
DRINK Cocoa (Easy)
DRINK Mulled Wine (Easy)
DES L Mince Pies (Make Ahead)
DES SH Pudding (Make Ahead)


Dec. 13th, 2011 01:02 pm
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Here's Futurity, a science fiction civil war musical, which you might like to partake of! I haven't heard patter-song before in a modern musical, I don't think.

Going to get our tree tomorrow night at Columbia Road Flower Market. Need to take the 35 to Shoreditch High Street and walk to the Flower Market.
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Had a pretty good day out w/ Katy, after a rough start. Got woken up after little sleep at 8:30 by hungry/thirsty cat who'd consumed his foodstuffs (and, I suspect, was also just bored/lonely), never really got back to sleep despite trying for several hours.

Katy and I have two anniversaries due to differing opinions as to what marks the official beginning of going out, and this one, Hers, thus my gifts, is split into spending today together out doing fun stuff and then going for Japanese some other evening (since she had to record a Shalka read-through tonight). We began by visiting a Christmas Market at The Water Poet in Spitalfields (something of a fail as there were few merchants and Katy didn't really want to watch the free Christmas films, be bought food, or stick around for the caroling later on (I'd sort of banked on her wanting to do these, as they're Her Sort of Thing). Then we dodged disaster by going to Portabello Market, which, over-populated and over-popular though it is, was v. nice, with a lot of Christmas greenery vendors with actual boughs of holly (NOT IN A SONG! LEGIT-ASS BOUGHS OF HOLLY!!) and mistletoe (I SHIT YOU NOT!). Katy was not nearly as shocked/interested as I was. I mean I'd seen these things like, once. In sad little dry bunches, not in riotous profusion. My mom bought boughs of greenery some years, but like, that was just some fir-strands w/ pine-cones stuck in. And I liked that too! But this was cooler.

Also there were some nice pop-up shops, some decent vendors, and I successfully remembered/spotted... I think it was Lefton? anyway, some mid-century floral cat figurine of a sort that is sometimes valuable and which Katy rather likes. She suspected this particular one of being v. new, though (and thus worth bupkis), and also it lacked an intelligent/curious expression, and I suspected our cat could try to fuck or kill it, either resulting in the loss of a porcelain figurine potentially worth thousands. Needless to say we did not get Sasa a new 'friend.' Still, I'm happy to have remembered it from a conversation last Autumn in Edinburgh.

Some interesting walking around and looking at stuff and buying people presents and NOT buying an AMAZING fuzzy wolf-hat with connected paw-gloves (which Katy may deeply regret some day, I feel), and then we started back. I felt it'd been a nice date thing. Then I had to use the bathroom at McDonalds before we caught the bus. I got stuck behind a looooong queue, and, I eventually realized, specifically behind some clueless tourists who had no idea they were IN said queue, much less holding it up. Eventually bypassed them, after having been queue-jumped by half the known female bathroom-needing world, only for a McDonalds employee to ROAR IN shrieking 'this toilet is broken!!' and slamming the door in my face. Whatever was broken she fixed, and then in the same unfortunately URGENT poor English she demanded I go in and use the thing RIGHT NOW!! I did so, and not fifteen seconds had I been in before an old angry and pretty drunk homeless woman started banging on the door, cursing, saying she was 'about to fucking bust'again and again. So I had to finish as quickly as possible and stumble out still trying to pull up my layers of tights (it was nasty and cold today). I washed my hands veeeery quickly because said woman didn't see a need to close the door as she did her biz. Magical. I fucking hate tourist!London sometimes. Nothing was the speicifically poor homeless woman, the situationally-stupid tourists, or the harried employee's fault, but I felt incredibly frustrated.

Then we got on the bus an hour and 40 min before we HAD to be home (for a 40 min max ride), and due to the police cracking down and arresting a ton of protesters outside parliament (Londoners of African descent who were suggesting, with strongly worded signs and other WMDs, that perhaps it wasn't cool for the UK and associated governments to continue supporting a hideously oppressive, rape-happy and illegitimate regime because they thought said regime could get them a good deal on cheapo laptop components--so obviously people who needed arrested en masse, and violently too!), we were stuck in a traffic jam about 40 min. We got home like 15 min late.

Pretty much pretending the day ended riiiight before I went into McDonalds. Anyway, then Katy did her readthrough, and I made chorizo chicken with potatoes, did loads of laundry, put away dishes, entertained the cat so it didn't yowl much/audibly during the recording, etc. Also watched a chunk of "A Damsel in Distress" while doing this, because the BBC iPlayer almost always has a classic film on dock, and I like to watch them while doing chores so I feel less like I've missed out on an entire era of largely decent-to-excellent film-making (well, at least that's what's come down to me--there very probably were clunkers aplenty, as ever, now mercifully lost to time). Aired out the rooms, which smelled of cat. This necessitated chasing Sasa out of them, opening the windows, hoping no one came in to steal shit for an hour, shutting the door without letting him sneak back in, and putting anti-Sasa notices on all the doors. He sulked in the hall way, pissed at my effrontery. Literally, he did a number on his litter box. His rage!!!waste is prodigious, and fearful to behold. Did a veeeery little Shalka stuff, and talked to flatmate Kasia about Christmas plans.

I need to type up my to-do list for Kasia, who seemed to think I'd be making a few things, and she'd make a few things, and we'd muddle through--she's welcome to contribute anything she likes, but I have a full big ass menu planned out which I'm comfy cooking, and I don't want to be rude, but altering it to do less, when I've so carefully planned that, seems annoying--I'll try to be very out of the kitchen on the Eve and the Day, due to pre-prep, but I'm pretty ready to roll here. Also have to type this up so Katy's mom can do some things, which is both nice and a bit annoying, as I've pretty much spent a ton of time figuring out how to manage this, and well-intentioned offers of help may well throw off my carefully timing, budget and ingredients plans. Also I specifically asked if she wanted anything special, or to make anything at home or at ours, because I didn't want her to feel that her decision to come here meant me taking over or undermined her/striped her of agency/ruined her Christmas, and she said no, so I went with that? Idk.

I'm not good at delegation, but esp. not re: cooking. I know how to get a lot done myself, but not how to relinquish control over steps or whole processes, or how to share space and resources seamlessly. I think maybe I used to be better at that as a kid, but I haven't really had to share kitchen duties for a long time, and the freedom's made me snotty about it. It's a bad trait, but when I'm working I mostly want people who aren't people I specifically REALLY know how to work with, like Katy, to fuck off and stop watching me chop vegetables and remarking on the speed. (Re: that, It's a bit silly to say 'gosh, you're sooooo faaaaast' (a la the other day) when I know my knife-technique is juvenile. I was just pathetic at this in basic high-school culinary arts chef-training, and my dicing's never been sufficiently speedy or uniform, and the mince knife technique, sort of a swivel hand gesture? fanning the knife around VERY QUICKLY rather than lifting and chopping?, is just beyond my skill. I cringe whenever anything asks for minced garlic. I can't even keep the French terms straight. It's this huge, fundamental technical skill that marks an important distinction in the highly sexually segregated world of 'chefs' and 'cooks', and I just do. not. have. it.)

So yeah: maybe typing up the list and displaying it will sort of nicely tell Kasia that while she's welcome to also do stuff, this is the stuff I will be doing, and emailing it to Katy's mom with some nice indicators of thing she could helpfully prep at home and finish here, or make at home and heat here, or make here, time/space/logistics permitting, would be okay. I'm just eager not to insult anyone/ruin anyone's holiday, nervous about doing Christmas at my house/with my food (never done that before), and anxious to please gf and gay!in-laws.

Also I helped edit Mez's uni!personal statement and feel v. virtuous/proud of her.

Apparently Joy of Cooking's 'lowfat' gingerbread men cannot be trusted, as I suspected. Low-fat is the devil's recipe designation, second only to 'atkins/south-beach friendly' in its foul degradation.* Also that's weird b/c I typically trust Joy of Cooking with my life. Also I need to make their cranberry relish soon, having discovered it freezes well. And the chicken broth and lard too. AND SOME BLOODY CHRISTMAS CRAFTS THAT ARE CLASSY AND ATTRACTIVE AND CHEAP. Anyone know any? :/ May have to hunt Tumblr. Ew. Tumblr.

So, gingerbread:

May try this: http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/gingerbread_man_cookies/ without pepper, b/c wtf, pepper?
or http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/9761/gingerbread+men#null , but the lack of molasses concerns me.

These: http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/sugar_cookies/ may well be the antidote to the oddly thin, too-formal sugar cookies I produced in Batch 1. Think I'll try the first.

Hrm, Groupon. This accredited TEFL course for 49 pounds might not be too bad. Idk what that regularly costs, though. All I know is I could use sweet sweet tutoring/teaching monies... Will check it out.

* Speaking of, have you seen Morgana and Brax in 'look, I need to eat to live like everyone, okay?' Please view this trailer for "A Princess for Christmas." And laugh. Until you cry.


Buttle hard, Brax.
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Oh my god, they're beautiful. The batter was grainy. It took so *long*--waiting for mold-delivery, over-night marinating, then the actual irksome mixing, then six hours steaming under a careful watch so the water level remained constantly at 1/3 of the molds' depth. I feared I hadn't tied them with twine well enough and water might have been admitted. I forgot a small step (the pie-tin or jam jar lid under the puddings, between the thick ceramic pudding molds and the metal pots) and was petrified.

But I untied the strings, lifted the wax paper and the foil and--beautiful. They look as they should. They smell perfect. Worst case scenario the bottoms are too brown, or even a touch burnt (though I don't think this has happened), or I fuck up the three-hour boil on the day, or the decanting, or the final brandy-bath (though I have two puddings in case of such emergencies). But even in these cases the majority of the pudding will probable be edible (and I can sculpt it pretty again). And I've an heir and a spare. I am shocked and elated and fiercely happy. Well done.

The stir-up prep phase is complete and I can move on to the next, easier level. Nothing except possibly the Bûche de Noël, the goose or duck (haven't decided) on the day and poooosibly the gingerbread house will be so challenging as the mincemeat, christmas cakes and christmas puddings, none of which I'd made before. I've pretty much decided not to try the Croquembouche for the party because to do it well I think I'd need some serious equipment (the tower sculpting piece, because some of the free form ones I looked at seem a bit sloppy), and I already have WAY too many deserts. Also it's something I've never eaten, and I get a bit nervous cooking foods/using ingredients I've never had anything *like*, because I lack a sense of what I'm aiming for and a commensurate awareness of what might work or might not or what's success and what's failure. Edibility, obviously, is something of a success, but it's an issue if your sushi tastes like Salisbury steak.
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Finished menu planning for the Christmas party, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. I asked people what they think is essential, consulted the wiki-list of all UK and US traditional dishes, made a MASSIVE list, and went through to figure out what K and I actually *liked.* Plotted everything onto specific days, into meal-groups, and sorted by food category, ease of prep (Easy, Buy (sub: Buy Immediate, Buy Few Days Ahead), Make-Ahead, Prep-Ahead, Moderate Difficulty, Technical Challenge) and time-frame (Stir-Up (immediate), Make Ahead Next, Make Ahead Few Days Before, Easy: Day Of). Selected final recipes for CCake, mincemeat, and CPudding, wrote out all ingredients. Ready to soak fruit tomorrow, make monday. Will counteract being a week late to start with one extra alcohol feed (should equalize everything).

Somewhat nervous about this, but having looked at everything, feel ready. Less important, but more complicated, than Molly's wedding prep--but still hugely vital. A failed Christmas is unforgivable.

Cake topping: http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/christmascake_2359
Cake recipe: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2011/nov/17/how-cook-perfect-christmas-cake
Stollen: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2007/dec/02/foodanddrink.recipes (part of christmas morning breakfast, perhaps, if not cinnamon rolls)
Pudding & Mincemeat:
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* What are your favorite/essential Christmas season foods/drinks/recipes? I am planning for the Christmas party (and Katy's brother, mom and mom's manfriend are coming over for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day). Also I am just curious.
* List of International Christmas Dishes by Country: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Christmas_dishes
* http://www.uncollege.org/archives/1441 : I'd take CS101, Machine Learning, and/or Human-Computer Interaction (I lack the probability, calculus and programing language capabilities for the others) if anyone wanted to do then with me so we could chat about it (I do better when not learning totally alone).
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ZERO EMAILS IN MY INBOX! SUCK IT, WORLD! (Do not email me now JUST to punk me, b/c I will cut you.)

I'm only on their list b/c I've used them to advertise myself as a nanny (what a terrible idea that turned out to me).

Christmas baking and gifts: http://www.netmums.com/family-food/seasonal/christmas-dinner-recipes/christmas-making-baking

Hampers, gift sets: http://www.netmums.com/family-food/seasonal/christmas-dinner-recipes/christmas-hampers-edible-gifts

Preparation Time Line: http://www.netmums.com/family-food/seasonal/christmas-dinner-recipes/christmas-planner-late-november-early-december
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An Eight-Year-Old's Dream Job: http://newyork.craigslist.org/wch/lab/2667823368.html

Spent all yesterday at a day-long job interview thing for a crummy 'zero-hour contract' HR job. Several stupid tasks and interviews. It was like a shitty, desperate, tragic X-Factor--well, more so--in which everyone there was qualified or over-qualified, and some of them hadn't worked for over a year. I got through to the final round and, today, got a follow-up rejection letter. Feel like the problem may have been that I was over-qualified (they sort of suggested this), and that other people were earning certificates and such in HR, whereas my CV clearly indicated this was not my eventual trajectory. Danny suggested I just start leaving qualifications off my CV to avoid this, as per today's Married to the Sea (http://www.marriedtothesea.com/102611/), but that seems dicey too, and just sad. A full day wasted, and the cost of getting there, for this measly little job I might have done in my sleep and barely even wanted, which I wasted time on and panted after in the most degrading fashion. *Eugh.*

Applied for a tutoring position with the people Tamara works for. And made four types of flavored pumpkin seeds: Original (butter and salt), Asian (sesame oil and dark soy glaze), Spicy (chili powder, cayenne, paprika) and Sweet (cinnamon, nutmeg, dark brown sugar and honey). Will take pictures. Would do things slightly different in future, but I like these as toppings on salads, compatible savory dishes, and deserts accordingly.

Sort of looking forward to Christmas: http://www.cathkidston.co.uk/images/assets/pdfs/Christmas%20Come%20Early.pdf

Hoping to make marzipan fruits from home-made marzipan as gifts for people who like marzipan, and also a christmas cake and a pudding this year.
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H'okay, so there was too much food. There was... way too much food. Well. I can freeze the bread and one of the boxes of tzimmes? x_x

In the end went with the baked fish with the cream sauce. Katy didn't love it, so shan't make it again, though I thought it was pretty nice, with its butter-basting, cream and crunch bread-crumb crust. I also braised the last of the old celery we needed to use or toss with it, and that went well.

The tzimmes, as per usual, promised a QUICK carrot cooking time and then even after I gave them another HALF HOUR, carrots: still too crunchy, fruit component: over-stewed. Ah well. Still nice. Have discovered I like a sweet rather than a sweet and savory version of this, though. Will omit the salt and pepper next time and let people add that individually, if they liked. Last year I had this as a nice breakfast a lot (there were leftovers aplenty), and was looking forward to doing so again, maybe with a lashing of cream, but this batch seems perhaps too savory for that.

Roasted two HUGE sweet potatoes, one sweet (brown sugar, unsalted butter, option of marshmellow fluff) and one savory (salted butter, paprika, salt and pepper).

In the end made apple cobbler from the Guardian's Ultimate Recipe. Not quite as ultimate as I'd been led to believe--not a perfect fruit to topping ration. Next time more fruit. I cut the caster sugar and substituted honey for a RH twist, and it worked very well, texturally and taste-wise!

I also made butterscotch apples from Leon: Baking. Unfortunately there's a step where, having made this hard-sauce toffee, you have to rest the pan in ice-water to halt the cooking process QUICKLY. In my nervous rush to not fail what's basically candy-making, a tricky business, I sloshed a little cold water into the pan. I thought I's scooped it all out, but I must not have done it right, because the caramel/butterscotch would NOT adhere thickly to the apples, and fuck did I try. I thought the wateryness might be gross, but the toping was too delicious to chuck, actually, and really the basin I used to cool the pot in was clean, I was just being overly precious in worrying about it. The molten butterscotch was boiling hot, it's not like any badness could have come in without having been incinerated, AND I scooped out the little water that infiltrated. Bah. Anyway, so the apples sort of have to be SMASHED into the hard sauce stuff, but are otherwise fine.

Will make earl grey applesauce another time. Also Peter brought WAY too much cider--have to find a stew or something that uses that. x_x

I got a HUGE migraine after finishing, had to take pills and lie down. Is it weird that I really enjoy Sue Perkins in The Great British Bake-off and the old nan who's part honeybadger in that she don't care, she just bakes what she wants?

I emailed my maybe-advisor a revised proposal last night after he told me at our meeting Monday that he'd like to see a few specific changes. Now too nervous to send out this proposal OR the other one to anyone else, because I have to see whether he thinks I've done this right. So I guess tomorrow's narrowing down Ox and Cam people, and job aps. Joy. I really just want to read the rest of Bleak House and Hard Times, the AWESOMELY CHEAP (seriously, 2 pounds and 5 pounds respectively, the latter with a TON of good supplementary academic materials) Dickens books I had to buy Monday at the UCL campus Waterstones when caught out without my power cord.

And I haven't wanted to say anything about this for fear of jinxing it, but it looks very much like Katy officially has the downstairs room as a tenant, and we have an absolute-for-sure subleaser. This should ease some of her tension about being an illegal tenant, eliminate the threat of someone moving in and giving us away, and do the subleaser a favor. Also enable us to get the cat. Huzzah! Still, my fingers are crossed against some last-minute catastrophe because I am paranoid, and I won't be happy until the lease goes through on Monday, even though our mad bat of a landlady has signed off and the deposit's being made tomorrow (from the subleaser to Katy to Mrs. Mad-Battums).

Still, this potential near-miss will hopefully teach me to be more careful in future.
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*I'm not religious, I just really like Holidays. And food. Fyi.*

Rosh Hashanah doesn't have your 'Christmas albums'--there's no coyly perky Mariah Carey cooing down at you, cosplaying a femme!santa, no Babs, which doesn't even make sense b/c why is Streisand doing a Christmas album, again?

There's just the Chosen To Be Socially Awkward People, and the shit they've uploaded to youtube. Shall we tour?

Few people know of the deep historical connection between Rosh Hashanah and parkour, and that's very sad. Also lets you play the 'where in Jerusalem are we?' game, which is like the tic tac toe of made-up games, because the Old City is *so frigging small* you wonder why they bothered with all the gates.

Twee but actually adorbs and quite funny at points. Well put together, the best of the lot. Can you resist visual puns about Apple computers? ...you can? Sod you, then.

A classic! For a really restricted definition of 'classic'. Enjoy its repetitiveness and its inexplicable use of 'crunk'. This misguided attempt to be down with the kids shows all the sensitivity and subtlety you've come to expect from Taglit Birthright, so pretty much none. This is like the Nyan cat song, but for Jewish new year. OR DID I JUST BLOW YOUR MIND?!

Why is it techno? What is this man doing to a chicken at 1:25? I have a lot of questions.

Sadly my challah (I made a regular braid and a RH circle braid) is a kinda marred by the yeast having been tepid. The bread's rather sad. I mean I let it rise AGES, and by the time I realized the yeast was too old there was nothing I could do but press on. It's not AWFUL, still sweet, but this already dense bread is now too fucking dense. We'll make french toast and breadcrumbs out of the frozen leftovers, it'll be fine. Still, I hadn't baked bread in a WHILE, only once since I was a child I think (and that was a weird bread anyway) and for a virgin outing I'm not that impressed with me. Fucking old yeast. Should have, idk, sensed it or something.

Anyway, menu for tomorrow (6 people, one veggie, milkhic!kosher):

Stuffed fish from Leon OR baked halibut with horseradish cream (ASK KATY)
Challah (MADE, sad :( --I did eat some with set honey, that was fine)
Honey and Apple cake*
Butterscotch apples
Southern baked sweet potatoes

* My idea for this is to make a traditional honey cake, and an English apple crumble (http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2010/oct/14/how-to-make-perfect-crumble) on TOP of it. Genius or madness??! As I recall I didn't looove last year's recipe. Hrm. Maybe a different one. Or a honeyed crumble? Pie? Something.

Maybe this cake: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/apple-cake-v/detail.aspx or http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Jewish-Apple-Cake-I/Detail.aspx , or http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Apple-Honey-Bundt-Cake/Detail.aspx ? http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/spiced-apple-cake-recipe/index.html ? AUGH why doesn't my gran make an apple cake I can just steal? It's all brisket with her!
Or the easy home-made applesauce out of 'deserts that have killed better men than me'?



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