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""Whym Chow: Flame of Love"

... Katherine Harris Bradley (1846-1914) and Edith Emma Cooper
(1862-1913) who wrote collectively under the pseudonum of Michael
Field, from Rene Titaire the book passed to Francis J. Colline and
thence to the present owner. 'Whym Chow' was a celebration of their
much-loved dog, who died in 1906. Apart from each other Whym Chow was
their closest companion and such was the depth of their feeling for
him that after his death they underwent a religious crisis which led
to their conversion to Roman Catholicism."

Definitely my favorite story about a niece/aunt lesbian couple converting to Catholicism for their dead dog of the day. Maybe even the week!

Also, here is a quickie knitting pic spam of projects I've recently finished/am working on:



This was my very first knitting project, the Series 12 Doctor Who scarf. I started it actual years ago, then abandoned it in the US, and only got it back/remembered it existed this August. As you can see, there's some rough trade going on in there--I increased from 60something to 70something by MAGIC, there are some dropped-stitch gaping portals to another dimension, and my initial work is loooooooose (which is exaggerated by the fact that it's older, and has borne more weight, for longer). The little holes I can disguise/mend, though, and the weight issues will even up with time. I quite like that the end is very neat, regular and disciplined, once I know wtf I'm doing. And I like the tassels! Allll I have to do now is learn how to tidy the sides (tucked under and not visible in this picture).


This is Katy's go at same, with a similar production history. Though this photo reflects all the colors REALLY poorly, it's not quite so off as the iphone makes it seem. Katy went with not-awful but less accurate, though more sensibly priced, materials. Tbh as an early knitter the good wool I invested in was kind of wasted on me. I finished Katy's scarf off, using it as my poor testing-ground for 'tassels, how do they work?!' We're currently trying to sell it on ebay. People charge AMAZING prices for frankly worse examples of the breed--and it seems like a decent replica could run you £200 or £250! But idk if you'd even make money as a knitter doing these commissions? I know people more experienced than me are faster, but this piece, while not complex, is soooo dense and long that in sheer man-hours, I'd estimate you're probably getting to £10 an hour, £8? So not bad for time you're already spending watching telly, but not worth it for a business model or anything.

On this note, Katy and I saw the BBC's replica edition, out at Christmas I think? in the window of Forbidden Planet today. While much improved from the initial release photos (notably they've used the actual pattern for at least the ends, i.e. the part people will check first--clever girl), it's still sort of a pile of wank? The colors are off, and not in a 'more attractive!!' way, the fabric still /looks/ acrylicy and cheap to me. And while I could be mistaken, I think the replication collapses in the middle for the sake of a shorter garment. Idk, with a pro knitting machine and access to decent patterns/the original off in The Experience, how hard can it BE for the BBC merchandizing department to not fuck up? Between this and the Harris Tweed debacle, honestly...


And this is the blanket I'm currently knitting Katy, from this pattern. One does the stripes and then joins them.

For my own reference:

13 / 31 / 49 / 67 / 85 / 103 / 121


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Date: 2012-11-05 12:57 am (UTC)
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Very authentic on the scarf colors!

(Stumbled over here while doing some work on my subscription circle, in case you were wondering. Hope all is well.)


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