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In Which Kanye West Treats Kim Kardashian Like a Barbie Doll
Doctors Endorse Circumcision of Baby Boys, Eagerly Await Angry Barrage of All-Caps Emails
The Overcoat
Guide to Beef Cuts
Here, kitty kitty: Image of 'Essex Lion' that sparked massive police hunt is finally revealed as officers call off the search and admit sightings were probably of a 'large domestic cat'
How to Chop Onions Without Tears
Hamish McRae: The real worry is how have we fallen so far behind the rest of the world
The New Year Lucky Pig, Glucksschwein
Hideously judgy and poorly-formulated sj campaign in which poors are advised to subsist on mung beans for environment, selves, to save money--the 190th such ill-advised campaign
London’s best farmers' markets
A Different Justice: Why Anders Breivik Only Got 21 Years for Killing 77 People
The Wire
How to tell if baking powder is still good
the accidental artistry of colorful street markings
How Paperbacks Transformed the Way Americans Read
Jon Garrad reviewed Dracula Experience, Whitby, United Kingdom: "Cover three quid in mustard and swallow them. It'll be more fun." Pretty funny. Thanks, random and creepy TripAdvisor alert.
The Dark Knight Meets The Avengers: not as good as it thinks it is.
Michelin stars 2012: get the full list of restaurants
The whole world is watching … A Voice for Men “activists” making asses of themselves
Essex Lion Tweets!
Passed/Failed: An education in the life of Allegra McEvedy, chef, writer, broadcaster and restaurateur
Cuts of Pork: Which Cuts of Pork Are Which & How to Cook Them
The Best Book Reviews Money Can Buy
Archaeological dig at Concentration Camp reveals what the Nazis tried to hide
Feel the Loathing on the Campaign Trail
Creepy Millionaire Drops Theft Charges Against Lindsay Lohan Because ‘What’s Mine Is Yours’
Arthur Brisbane and selective stenography: The real media sin is not uncritical printing of false claims: it's extending that license only to the powerful
Shulamith Firestone, radical feminist, wrote best-seller, 67
Gina Rinehart, the World’s Richest Woman, Is Really Sick of How Jeal-Jeal the Working Poor Are
Pittsburgh-Area High School Students Tweet About How Awful Their School Lunches Are
Writer Food From A To Z
Where the Women Aren’t: Drinking in the Republican Lady Lounge
Bad Recipe: Farm-to-Table Chef Accused of Sexual Harassment by 22 Former Employees
Revolt of the Rich: Our financial elites are the new secessionists.
Leann Rimes Turns 30, Checks into Clinic
Monkey tree top trail
Bad Recipe: Farm-to-Table Chef Accused of Sexual Harassment by 22 Former Employees
I Miss You, Lindsay Lohan, and I Want You Back
Meet the Women Who ‘Actually Like Men’: America’s Pro-Life Political Priestesses
Jon Stewart Basks In The Glory Of Clint Eastwood’s ‘Awesome’ Speech While Tearing Apart Romney’s
Dad Protects Son from Bullies by Wearing a Skirt. Guess What? It Works.
Dick Dilemma Reaction Scale
cute craft
Bill Maher on GOP's memory loss of George W. Bush
The Bushies are back, and playing for Romney
wow Kanye’s gettin’ real deep on twitter today check it out: ACTUALLY TRUE.
Holder Announces Impunity for Torture-Homicides
Why Are Republican States Always Leeching Off The Rest Of Us Hard-Working Taxpayers?
Somewhat interesting, long and grueilling Thorki 'stuck on earth' adaptation fic, reminiscent of Varooneeka's P/Q New Orleans thing forever ago--I'm kind of intrigued by the 'reality porn' of having fantastic characters confront the very mundane
Madeleine Albright Can’t Fathom Why Any Woman Would Ever Vote for Mitt Romney
Louis' Beyonce Piece
The Rake
Obama did not change Washington. For each side, it’s clear who’s to blame.
Anne Lamott
Generation Read: Millennials Buy More Books Than Everybody Else
Westford man's close moose encounter
Rainbow Queen
Colorado Girl Staves Off Bubonic Plague, Gains Unfair Advantage in Future AP European History Class
GQ Ran Out of Clothes for Its Woman of the Year
Wealth doesn't trickle down – it just floods offshore, research reveals


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