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The frankly ridiculous amount of shit I have done today:

Did QM pre-enrollment
wrote to my PhD advisor
had appointment with potential gutter cleaners
wrote Parmar about repairs
several emails and calls with Molly, dad and dad’s paralegal about dad’s site
faffing about with wordpress for that
several emails with fencing people
talked to flatmate about proposed repair, put him in touch with contractors
made dinner, using up old ingredients
sent Katy shopping list
talked to Katy about work
showed Jon food in freezer that needed eaten
threw out bad food in breadbox
did a ton of dishes
cleaned kitchen surfaces
researched cat food options
emails about meeting Wednesday
chased Tor fees
invoiced Tor
invoiced Naryan
saw Katy’s guest out
revised and posted Tor article
submitted FAFSA
filled out federal and state US voting forms
emailed QM back and forth re: finance thingies
wrote LARB back
RSW music stuff
listened to more Whimsey
checked US account and paypal for tor stuff
wrote Schola Gladitoria
took out cat litter
sorted Victoria and Albert HR thing
took student survey
deleted a ton of lj spam
made good ‘to do’ list
got emails down to 11

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