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Aug. 2nd, 2012 11:02 pm
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The last month has been unrelievedly mad, so I've been pretty out of commission. I haven't been able to read, write, or do much but various kinds of work. Maybe it'll be better in a couple weeks? I MIGHT have big news. We'll see.

Toby Hadoke TV Showreel
A tumblr fusing porn and Thomas Jefferson quotes--that HAS to be pretty niche.
Who scarf pattern I'm finishing
The Providores: where I miiiiight be able to pick up some pastry shifts
more on Providores
Meh article on batman massacre
London museums and attractions
Allegra McEvedy : 'I have a fairly extreme personality'
Blake's 7 (S1 1-7)
Down and Safe: Si Hart's guide to Blake's 7
Highgate Tours
Kanye being Kanye
Hideously embarrassing Batman Massacre sketch that shame-squicks me for fandom, with its penchant for tragedy-appropriating, OTT, schmaltzy responses, as if twee sentiment is a band-aid for random acts of violence experienced only vicariously
Quite good steve/tony fic
Oh, cats
When Two Hyphenated Last Names Fall in Love
If Not for Facebook, 18 Percent of Teens Would Be Totally Friendless
Fairtrade Supporter Conference 2011: Allegra McEvedy Key Note Speech
decent S&S gen fic
something lifts towards a light

Loki action figure--I don't really go in for action figures, but this one seems v. well done
Blue Bunny Red Carpet Red Velvet Cake
Ice Cream Review

Ben & Jerry's Fair Goodness Cake!
Limited Edition Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s Hannah Teter’s Maple Blondie
Hannah Teter
Don't enjoy your job? Then maybe you're too smart for your own good
Savannah Dietrich Doesn't Face Contempt Charge For Revealing Names Of Sexual Attackers
Westboro Baptist Church Protesters Blocked At Fallen Soldier's Funeral
tumblr.txt: HILARIOUS
as MEz points out, 'No it's not. It's probably like, Sarah.'
If You Liked “The Hunger Games”…
Siiiigh, a game I only got silver in
Wightwick Manor and Gardens
Australian Paper Incites Backlash After Shittily Suggesting that Swimmer Leisel Jones Is Fat
Kristen Stewart Cheats on Vampire Boyfriend With Married Human Father of Two
The Myth of the ‘Booth Babe’
Comedian Gets Awesomely Meta About Her Encounter With a Flasher
The Inevitable Kristen Stewart Death Threats Begin

The Myth of the ‘Booth Babe’
Haters Need to Shut the Hell Up About Gabby Douglas’ Hair
John Scalzi Helpfully Explains Just How Not Okay It Is to Sexually Harass Someone at a Sci-Fi or Fantasy Convention
London’s Dangling Mayor Becomes Latest Delightful British Meme

The London 2012 Olympic Games unticketed-event planner

When a Boy Genius Like Jonah Lehrer Fails

Unusual clubs, classes and workshops in London

Live Rabbits, Drag Queens and Stalkers: My Life as a Mary Kay Lady

Facebook Jerks Want to ‘Beat the Shit’ Out of Teresa Giudice’s 5-Year-Old Daughter

Olympian Is 'Very Bitter' After Ban From Games for Racial Tweet

The Five Most Ridiculous Quotes From Ann Romney

Five Possible Reasons that The Hobbit is Spilling Over into a Third Movie

Sunday Times subeditors reply to Giles Coren

Read Giles Coren's letter to Times subs

See Every Harry Potter Chapter Illustration in One Stunning Illustration

A More Positive Spin on ‘Lady Geeks’

Frank Gaffney Uses Creepy Logic to Defend Fellow Crazy Person Michele Bachmann


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