Jul. 21st, 2012 05:50 pm
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"Erin's Mom
4:49 PM (41 minutes ago)

to me
Just to point out my frustration, you may pick what ever place you want us to stay. I think the awkwardness of one bathroom, and less than 3 + beds way out ways 5 to 10 min, or Danny and I paying more. Frankly, I've heard about all the improvised "do it on the cheap" talk I care to. I'm spending thousands of dollars, to come over there, I don't want to be in some crappy accommodation when I get there. I hate the idea of crawling on top of one another, waiting for my turn in the bathroom. You have exhibited such a desire to control the lodging choices, please have at it. I'm not angry, on the contrary, I'm glad to hand it off. Please just keep in mind, no one on the couch or floor, or air mattress, and a second bathroom.

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EVERY FUCKING TIME I think 'this cannot get worse', it gets /so much dumber/. I am NEVER letting them come see me again. Either of them. Or meeting them anywhere for a vacation. Just--fuck them all.

This after yesterday's epic stupid where she'd forgotten to properly register my brother for his course, which starts Monday. I emailed the program, found an opening, got him registered, called her, waited for her to have a big Emo Cry about Dark Knight or whatever the fuck because she's a tragedy whore, waited for her to call her credit card company to confirm this was the right card, waited her to dick around about giving me the card information because this was THE INTERNET!!! (on... a private skype chat) and AS I WAS ABOUT TO PAY was like 'oh do you think it's a good one?' and I was like 'I... have no idea. I haven't even looked, I was just scrabmling to fix your mistake. But let me just SCOUR LONDON FOR BETTER, CHEAPER PROGRAMS STARTING MONDAY and do a comparrison with NO NOTICE and THREE HOURS before the offices close until said Monday. I am SURE I will be able to do a great job on this, RIGHT NOW.'

Meanwhile, not in a dick way, my little brother was like 'I'm kind of bored, were't we supposed to go out today?' and I was like 'NOT FUCKING NOW, SAM. ...sorry.' And then we went out to get him a phone and I had crippling period cramps exacerbated by stress and stood around in the Orange store in total agony until we could get home. Fun times.


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