Sep. 27th, 2012

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This mug, guys. You could drink earl grey out of it. I am just saying. This is a rare prototype, worth £200 or some shit (though it didn't sell for that, so maybe not), but if you said the proper run was £5 on ebay... I could find myself tempted.

Yesterday I bent the wire whisk of my kitchenaid on some frozen butter whilst trying to make oatmeal cookies as a way of bribing a boss I don't like into hiring me for more freelance contracts. I then *actually cried* over having broken this treasure possession, not having used it enough, how much it HURT to bend it back into shape, and the passing of all worldly things, especially anything I particularly love. Because that is the level of HYPER-EMO I reach when furious with myself. It's like, a film!Loki-level of self-pity.

I also cursed my stupidity for having not used the paddle attachment, or realized that just because the floor mixer at the bakery could handle frozen butter, that didn't mean my beloved Kitchenaid could. I *think* it's back to near-perfect working order again--though it looks sliiightly wonky--and I could buy a new whisk for a not insignificant but reasonable cost. But these are the sort of thoughts I have now, when the emo has passed over us. At the time I cradled a whisk to my chest like a baby for no less than half an hour. Yep. *Maturity*.

Also, has anyone ever beheld the work of Clarice Cliff? Because it is the UGLIEST SHIT KNOWN TO HUMANITY. Seriously, what the hell is this? There is literally none of it I wouldn't bin, and I can see *exactly* how much it's worth. It would simply be a service to people with eyes.

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