Jul. 13th, 2012

x_los: (Four by Toulouse-Lautrec)
* Dried lots of dishes
* Did 3 job applications
* wrote long-ass, 5 page follow up job thing when a recruitment lady emailed me back--going to proofread/cut that and get it back to her in the morning.
* Called (twice) and wrote Narayan's friend about teaching gig--going in for interview (I *think*?) tomorrow at 2:30, but think it's pretty much a sure thing.
* got bad news, sulked
* played AWFUL RftG game, in which my hand suuuuucked
* made English Breakfast for Dinner for 5 people
* talked to Stephanie and Katy re: my dad's travel plans
* played with NetGalley, read up on request protocol, requested and received a review book
* prevaricated over, then rejected a job ap I didn't feel quite qualified for--might come back to it
* wrote and talked to people about council tax
* talked v. briefly to Jon about script
* waited in line hour for Tatty Divine Launch Party to make sure Katy got the goodie bad she wanted--turned out not to be necessary, but still think doing it was the right idea. Rain sucked though. In the end we both got swag bags, containing some things to sell on and some to keep. I discovered I like parma violets, despite Katy's assurances to the contrary.
* listened to Dickens on the bus in/in the queue
* Looked up transport to interview tomorrow.
* Watched 'A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum' while working
* Hung out with Katy's friend, who's in town for the night
* put away Katy's pretty fresh-baked bread
* closed tabs
* took in the post
* gave Becca her book--should return Hunger Games
* asked Jon about lesson plan for Sat--getting it tomorrow.
* responded to Tor comments
* installed Adobe Digital Editions
* downloaded e-ARC
* wrote to Steph about dad's plans
* Wrote to Jo L about E.On
* Wrote LARB about second ARC--sir not appearing in my inbox.

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10 Things Most Americans Don’t Know About America: yes and no. Might well have benefitted from living longer in any one place and gotten to know the more structural differences/worldview issues there? For example, a fair amount of what he thinks about the US is true (some of it seems a bit sexist/creepy), but like, I'd say the US is baseline-friendlier than the UK, and that the UK in turn is reported to be MUCH more baseline-friendly than East Europe by Eastern Europeans I've taught and worked with. I'd also say something the US has going for it is a more ingrained sense of professionalism/efficiency/litigiousness. Some will say that's business culture infiltrating everything, and to an extent that's true. But professionalism is also a way of respecting everyone you're dealing with, getting shit done, and keeping everyone safe and above-board. I'd often prefer that to the murkylurky slop (sometimes nauseatingly dressed up with an over-compensating, twee, faux-professionalism) of ever doing anything with UK organizations, businesses and charities. That said, the UK's more relaxed actual office culture seems like a positive thing, and I think you *could* still accomplish Efficiency while maintaining that.
Comic-Con Bans Strollers Because They Just Completely Spoil the Fragile Illusion: goes weird, nerd-shamey, not... actually very funny in the middle. Don't think much of this fellow's ear for tone/demographic. At least SOME other commenters equally annoyed.
You Know What’s Great About You? You Just Can’t Take (or Give) a Compliment


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