Jul. 9th, 2012

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Earlier today, based off a conversation Katy and I had had which kicked it off, Jon and I were trying to think of touchstone British comedy shows. I was trying wondering if there were any big ones I hadn't seen. We expanded the list to 'key UK television programs (with some important radio stuff thrown in)'. There's a danger, in making these, of overly favoring 'shit what you personally like', which we've tried to minimize, but can't really avoid. There's likewise an 'is it too old to be relevant anymore/is it too new to be relevant yet?' element. Sherlock is off for now, but in a hideous future, might have to give it its 'due'. Also, perhaps this should include more of a 'quality' metric? It does a *bit*, but then we moved away from that to a Cultural Relevance focus. PLEASE weigh in. What does this list need/have that it shouldn't?

Keep in mind these are the muddled musings of an immigrant and a man who goes on about not liking television, so v. probably, they're not the whole of it.

I've seen all of
I've seen part of
*comedy* ...I think, this one might be off
Not sure about including this one?

*Only Fools and Horses (apparently only necessary to watch 2 or 3 eps)*
*Dad's Army (at least series 1)*
*'Allo 'Allo*
*Ab Fab*: Only a TOUCH though. (Robin has embarrassment squick here)
*Keeping Up Appearances* (Jon has embarrassment squick here)
*Fast Show*
*Chuckle Brothers*
*Last of the Summer Wine*
Crystal Maze (an episode or two)
Robin of Sherwood?
I, Claudius
East Enders Christmas Special
*Two Ronnies*
Jonathan Creek?
*Open All Hours*
Morkham and Wise
*Hitchikers Guide* (Jon maintains only the original cast radio play should count for this--I've seen it, read it, listened to the audio book, but not done the radio series)
Life on Mars
Dixon of Dock Green
*Black Books*
*Fawlty Towers*
*Father Ted
*Black Adder*
Doctor Who: well, pretty much
Blakes 7?
quatermass experiment
*Red Dwarf*: well, pretty much
All Creatures: well, pretty much
*Fry and Laurie*
*Jeeves and Wooster*
*Flying Circus*
*Goon Show*
*Not the 9 O'Clock News*
*Navy Lark*
Room 401
Million Pound Radio Show
Lark Rise to Candleford
adaptation of period English novel--P&P?
Forsythe Saga?
*French & Saunders Christmas Special*
Sherlock Holmes--version?
*The Young Ones*
University Challenge
Just a Minute
*Upstairs Downstairs*
*Yes, Minister*: well, one ep
*Are you Being Served?*



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