Jul. 8th, 2012

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Jul. 8th, 2012 12:18 pm
x_los: (Enterprise!Sherlock)
Walmart closes, Community builds a giant library
Recommending Books for Grown-Ups - Cathy Butler
Epic Pool
A man carries on a snarky conversation with himself from 20 years ago, via VHS tape
More Beatonna Teens
Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone
Ron Perlman Visits Child in Full Hellboy Makeup for Make-A-Wish
Brad Pitt's Mother Pens Anti-Gay, Anti-Obama Letter to Local Newspaper: THIS JUST IN, OLDER MISSOURI WOMAN IS CONSERVATIVE!!
Morgan Freeman: Obama Not 'First Black President': The mixed race point again. Though "Traditionally, Americans of mixed racial heritage are allowed to decide for themselves which, if either, of their parental communities with which to identify." ahahahah /what/? America is DEF a 'drop of blood' culture. You'll be treated like what you look like, regardless of whether that's particularly fair.

Someone attempts to draw all neopets from memory--even the shit ones
TNG Season 8
Ex-City boy: 'It's easier to get people to talk about drugs than insider trading'
Great bookshelves
Central Library, Chamberlain Square, Birmingham
Someone is mad as a box of frogs about Tony and Pepper MAYBE HAVING TOUCHED GENITALS OMFG. I just--I don't really ship it? But I see no real need to like, RETCON THIS HIDEOUS CONSENTING ADULT SEX!! because I'm not... 14. Can't they just decide they're better off as friends or peter out or have a fight or fucking anything textual and sane? Have a relationship... that ends, as otherwise nice relationships with otherwise nice people do more often than not?
Geology of Middle Earth
Katie Holmes 'Biggest Nightmare' in Scientology History, Say Experts
Athletes' fury at Team GB 'farce' sparks selection overhaul for 2016 Olympics
Swimsuit Series, Part 3: Is Today Truly the 66th Anniversary of the First Bikini?: part of the Smithsonian's v. interesting historical fashion blog
Sophie Aldred will brain you will a cricket ball, but she will look v. sorry about it
On not defining cops as a class as enemies: I'd largely agree with the sentiment here, but at the same time it can't be denied that if you're a PoC, lower-class or someone who sometimes engages in constitutional displays of civil disobedience, your experience of whether you can expect a random cop run-in to be helpful or scary may well be altered
weird candy dispenser robot thing
Jhonen Vasquez celebrates Commander Mark art program
REALLY GOOD Iron Man cosplay
An American novel adapts ‘Antigone’ to the Afghanistan war with little success: strong example of a review, should look at her strategies
Etymology of Spunk, Funk and Punk
Love Boats: The Delightfully Sinful History of Canoes: v. cute

Firkytoodle: "to indulge in physically intimate endearments, esp. in those provocative caresses which constitute the normal preliminaries to sexual congress." Dictionary of Historical Slang (1972)

Steamy stuff, Dictionary of Historical Slang!


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