Jul. 7th, 2012

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Lots of random Jezebel in the tab closing today. Their new commenting system has REALLY brought all the trolls to the yard. I'm not sure why--are they moderating much less? I don't think it can just be the 'number of responses' sorting algorithm. But why would trolls SUDDENLY be interested? Comments do seem 68% more bullshit than they once were, and I hate the side-scrolly thinggymabob.

Today a friend got a job, which is GREAT for him but threw my sad underemployment into sharp contrast and made me feel like a moron for focusing on housekeeping stuff and articles the past couple of weeks, half-expecting more short-term teaching to come through, just because some employers had pretty much told me to keep July open because it for sure would!!. Like that's ever true. I mean those guys are kind of shadesters anyway, so a special level of incredulity should have been reserved for them, rather than OH THANK YOU FOR THESE WEEKS OF WORK AND THIS RENT MONEY--OH MORE WORK IN RUSSIA? YES PLEASE!!

Feeling blah about it also makes it about meeee and takes away from what should be unfiltered yay for friend/the house/things looking up for the Kitson Mafia.

So I went down to meet Katy, had a too-expensive (but not AWFULLY so) belated 4th of July dinner at the American diner. Not celebrating major US Holidays REALLY depresses me, I find, even if I think RIGHT UP UNTIL JULY 3RD that I do not care, Grandparent's Day or Arbor Day or whatever the fuck means nothing to me--come the actual day I'm crying, clutching the nearest Grandparent/tree in the street, being like DID YOU KNOW IN AMERICA IT'S YOUR DAAAAY?!?!, trying to make a grandparent/tree shaped cookie at 3am and being FURIOUS that it's not right and there were no decent **American** sprinkles in the store and blah blah blaaaaah. Basically I should always plan to do the Holidays, because when I don't, no matter HOW COOL I THINK I AM, I am /never even slightly cool/ and I RUUUUUUUE how I didn't plan, so I should buy a grandparent/tree just in case and prepare a FULL DAY OF EVENTS, lest without this, I descend into holiday madness. Again.

So anyway: belated buffalo wings. Not even slightly hot, what the jolly fuck? Who does spiceless Buffalo wings? ANYWAY.

Then we went to the Cartoon Museum (free with our new ALSO FREE Art Fund cards, omg, and they didn't check the names on the back so Sam can probs use Katy's when he's here). It's worth visiting once, and a nice place/atmosphere, but not, I think, the home of my soul or anything. So then we checked out the Liberty Sale (still SO expensive), and got a coffee b/c I was basically falling asleep standing. Cookies and Cream frappe thinggamabob: idk how I feel about it. Glad that it's essentially a milkshake, pretty much, but sad that we can't just import a Steak n Shake. Or G&Ds from CoMo. Or both FUSED INTO ONE!! ...no, not a Coney Island, why are people from Detroit reading this? Also the cookie chunks at the bottom were kind of weird and hard.

Then we visited Selfridges, which I'd never been to. Kind of weird--like a mall, in a way, with REALLY high end things and some meh low end things, and some awesome store design and some kind of shoddy, rough edges. Wish we'd perused the food court more, because I really like looking at interesting/pretty food. Also it's all one can ever afford in a big destination store. Another time.

On the way back we got food in the John Lewis!Waitrose (living like upper-middle class KINGS!! ...on the reasonably priced Twinings Everyday tea. BUMPER PACK, y'all. Feel the savings!! By this time I was basically falling asleep on Katy and looking longingly at the empty fruit baskets by the queue, wondering whether they were quite big enough to curl up in.

I came home EXHAUSTED but had a bath (and tea and cheesy pasta, made with leftovers and awesomely provided by Katy) and then settled in for another two hours (I'd already dropped at least an hour on it before going out (but after moping about jobs)) applying for a part-time archivist position at QM. I've kind of worked through exhaustion now. Got it in before deadline/the server could void my work (not that it hadn't tried to delete everything in bits several times already, hate these tedious, clunky in-house pieces of shit), but only by 20 min. Since, have done a lot of tab-closing, responded to comments, made a new job spreadsheet and finished the SH-piece edits I got this morning and started before I went out. Hopefully Katy can glance at them tomorrow, since she understood the editor's comments for the last two paragraphs and I really didn't, and tell me whether she thinks the end now makes any more sense. Have been waiting around for Danny to finish the Miss Marple episode we started last night, and for my dad, so we can finish planning his trip, as we said we'd do today. I think he's forgotten/gotten busy (annoying b/c I did remind him at eight-something, and now it's 2am, and if we don't book hotels in the next days there simply won't BE any).

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