Jun. 30th, 2012

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I'm starting to worry that my favorite Dickens novel is going to be David Copperfield after all. It's superior to Tale of Two Cities, obviously, and to the mawkish and over-read Christmas Carol--I was fine with that. But now I think it might be superior, from a narrative construction standpoint, to Bleak House, even with DC's awful LOTR films-style embarrassment of conclusion. I also have doubts about Our Mutual Friend and Hard Times, halfway through both. The last three have strong individual elements, but there are things I dislike about them, or find poorly handled, and I don't remember having as severe problems with Copperfield. Perhaps there's a different in reading vs. being read to, because Our Mutual and Bleak House I'm coming to as audio books, and I've seen a miniseries of Our Mutual already, whereas I knew v. v. little about Copperfield before reading it (as a paper book).

I need to properly review BH and The Pursuit of Love before I forget them...

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