Jun. 13th, 2012

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I got a short term TEFL job with a mixed group of Russians (14-18, different abilities and interest levels, seemingly REALLY uneven general education/functional skills levels). It pays nicely, but is some of the hardest work I've ever done. Getting easier as it goes along, though--I'm REALLY learning a lot about teaching and dealing with educational infrastructure (baaaaad).

So I pulled full days (up at 7:30, on the bus by 8, an hour and then some across town on series of busses, printing materials and copying by 9:15 or 9:30, teaching 10 to 5 with an hour's lunch and no breaks, then busses home, then working on reviews/the domestic chores I can catch/ALL the Scheme of Work planning in the world b/c I have no curriculum design experience AT ALL) until I pass out, and falling behind grossly on some things in an effort to keep up with the things I red-hot MUST do. Last thursday, friday and saturday: work. Saturday night and Sunday: guests from out of town. Sunday: Katy's mother and brother were over, lots of food prep, some overdue cleaning, figuring out how the sewing machine worked. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week: work, same tomorrow. Friday's a weird half day of proctoring speaking and listening exams. The TEFL institution's organizers are painfully bad at communicating/plans, so we'll see how this all goes.

So I've been painfully, exhaustingly busy, in a fighting-to-keep-head-above-water oh-god-wtf-am-I-doing sort of way, and my one day off really wasn't, but I'm looking forward to just COLLAPSING on Saturday, until the next job comes along with these guys. Rent's paid for the next couple of months on this alone (I live pretty frugal, it's paid pretty decently). It's GOOD CV fodder.

Also, back to aps Saturday. My paraprofessional librarian interview two weeks ago didn't succeed, apparently by a narrow margin. I wasn't good enough at predicting and practicing for their questions I feel, ultimately. They caught me off guard by asking how I'd deal with a vocational school environment. Er, by treating the pupils with the respect and dignity I hope to afford to everyone because going to proper Uni doesn't magically make you a Real Person, I guess? Idfk. I said something along the lines of coming from a family with an entirely vocational background and being very used to that (which is true: of the family I was raised believing I was a member of (bio doesn't really count on this one as he entered in the late stages of my life) I'm the first lady with a degree, and the first anything with a postgraduate degree. So yeah, all my family: jewelers, computer techs, tinkerers, salespeople. Vocational learning: down with it. But I think that sounded rather 'some of my best friends'. In the moment I couldn't really swing it around and make it work without having... thought about that as an objection they might have to me ahead of time.

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