May. 16th, 2012

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I am loving Bleak House and half way through and making with the tears and shit but god YET ANOTHER WOMAN is like OH ESTHER I LOVE YOU--is Bleak House a porn? Because it seems like everyone's just here to deliver pizza or whatever, and suddenly, for no reason all. over. the main. female. Debbie Does Dallas was more believable/less obsessed with everyone being into Debbie/the Cheerleaders. I'm listening to it on audio and I just want a BOW CHIKKA BOW WOOOOOOW when the ACTUAL 'sexy french maid who used to be in love with your mom!! until your mom ditched her for a hot younger woman' rolls in to be like OH ESTHER--YOU DO IT FOR ME.

Eugh--this job, with this ap that took FOR FUCKING EVER (it was like, 5 essay questions, 2 forms, a special for-them cv with like 1000 words extra and a cover letter, all edited by Katy, and then by the QM job lady who was nice enough to look over them, then me again, then Katy again), closed today. I turned my ap in on time, and like two hours later--"sorry, we already filled this vacancy." Dude, like, take your ad down when you fill that shit. Don't waste my time. Also--why select someone before your official closing day? You clearly didn't fill it like an hour ago. Whatevs. Waste of tiiiiime. Also why the fuck is that like, acceptable to ask someone to do for a basic admin position? Or even helpful for you to know as an employer? But the academic admin positions are /all like that/, and not copy and pastable, for the most part, really--not without serious rewriting, anyway.

Also migraine.

The Bachelorette is Racist Against Interesting People
Queen Latifah and the Case for Not Coming Out
Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is
The Dictator: Rape Jokes Are The New Rape Jokes
Plots from the unaired 8th season of Star Trek: The Next Generation: "TNG Season 8 ‏ @TNG_S8
Worf is trapped in a holodeck version of The Odyssey. Data & Geordi throw an epic party, have to hide the evidence before Picard gets home."

"TNG Season 8 ‏ @TNG_S8
Wesley's dino experiment mistakenly mixes with Riker's beard DNA, creating the sexy-but-dangerous Velociriker. Troi's mom tries to marry it."--totally true plot of a star trek episode

"TNG Season 8 ‏ @TNG_S8
Wes gets trapped in a bunker with an obnoxious child king. Riker wakes up on Risa with a lower back tattoo and no memory of his last 3 days."--and that

China Mieville: Punchable?
Matthew Norman: Blame the Greeks. They invented democracy
America’s Finest Educators Dance Bomb Their Students
Tig Notaro - Taylor Dayne


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