May. 15th, 2012

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Spent today mostly rereading/editing episode one, narrowly avoiding a Racist Moment because I didn't know enough about a character's black hair. Worked a dropped joke back in, made final corrections, made pronunciation notes with the help of a documentary and someone with a UK accent, so I could 'transliterate' to RP.

* Showed house a final time, and at last secured a new tenant!
* Looked over bank statement, marked discrepancies, and reminded everyone to pay me council tax.
* Called Tamara's employers and gave her a reference.
* TRIED to chase a company for more info about a position, but to no avail. Finally just emailed the parent company that's bought out their UK division. Maybe that will do something. :/
* Cleaned up emails.
* Made plans to go with Jon to the Victoriana/Sentimentality lecture Thursday night (possibly valuable for PhD in September), and
* researched SH's MASSIVE new booklist, identifying the sequels and the things I'm interested in. Wrote Abigail to that effect.
* Did a fair amount of cleaning/related house chores.

Beryl & Betty: the golden girls of local radio: At a combined age of 175 years old, the Radio Humberside hosts have become the Sony awards' oldest ever nominees
why you don't insult Tony Stark apparently
cool rind with hidden messages
Marvel Adventures Presents... The Avengers! in "Frog-napped!": "“My friends,” Thor says, addressing the Avengers assembled in Tony’s suite, a row of dogs, pigs, bears, two people, and a few whatevers standing behind him, “I’m afraid that I am the bearer sad tidings.”

He pauses dramatically before continuing, because the God of Thunder is nothing if not dramatic.

“My friends,” he says, “Kermit the Frog has disappeared.”"

Soap Operas Have Died on TV but Live On in Movies
Proust playing air guitar, and other "Extremely Silly Photos of Extremely Serious Writers"
Muppets&Thor Crossover Cartoon
Upcoming Late Nights at Museums
Writer’s Cramp: In the E-Reader Era, a Book a Year Is Slacking
Diet Slurpees for Women: For When You Hate Being Fat but Love Icy Diarrhea
History of England (Enhanced) by Jane Austen "This eBookTreasures facsimile edition contains transcription throughout as well as audio narration."
Levi Roots' sweet potatoes with spicy sausage recipe
All Retired Ben and Jerry's Flavors


Hark! A Vagrant! Mother's Day Comic: AWH ;_;
Don't look too closely at the picture of Fury carrying baby!Loki and you will probs be fine.: "Unluckily Tony's reaction to babies coming towards him was to run away really fast and call a lawyer."--very, very true.


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