May. 13th, 2012

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Nick Fury is sick and tired
A Pintrest for Book Reviews
Cream Cheese Brownies
Two-Thirds of the U.S. Hikers Jailed in Iran Are Now Married
Prairie oyster (cocktail)
On Bearded Men
Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now? – a meta post on concessions
Birthday Custard Sponge
THE AVENGERS: The Future Of A Certain Fan Favorite Character

Reasons Bleak House should be a fandom
Costs spreadsheet for an Online Zine
On manners, etiquette, and the white man’s rules
Millenials Are a Bunch of Entitled Trustafarians With Enabling Parents, Says Cranky Coot of a Survey
Dickens' longest novels
Cheese-only restaurant opens in London (just don't expect Cheddar)
Edible Cinema
Coulson: King of the Con
Sleeps With Monsters: Failure to Communicate (An Ongoing Problem): having trouble articulating what I find kind of annoying about this
Getting Pregnant After 35: The truth about age and women's fertility
When Motherhood Never Happens
How to Fix Our Compost
Female Indian Grads Aren’t Necessarily Keen on Working
How to Survive a Nuclear Attack
Nicole Richie Finds Her Mixed-Race Hair to Be a Pain in the Ass
Putin Brings Sexy Back
What We’re Really Talking About When We Talk About Hillary Clinton Without Make-Up
Best London Burgers
The woman who lives in a shed: how London landlords are cashing in
Slatkin hopes Kid Rock's fans, dedication to city create awareness for DSO
Timorous Beasties Fabrics
Lag BaOmer
Child's Own Studio: custom making soft toys with children
Cute Three and Sarah Jane pic
DIY Arched Bookshelves
Bristol Palin Blames Glee for President Obama’s Gay Marriage Stance
Adele Walks Around London in her Pajamas to Avoid Detection
My Weekend In America’s So-Called ‘Rape Capital’
The Titanic theme played on the recorder.
Coming-Of-Age Stories About Girls? ‘Creepy,’ Says Some Old Dude
How Do You Protect Your Daughter from Your Mother’s Bullshit?
Real Alcazar
Rediscover (or discover for the first time) the works of Diana Wynne Jones — in audio
Masada Shall Not Fall Again: Faux-Realism, Parallel Histories, and the Fiction of Israel


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