May. 6th, 2012

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13 Ways to Create a Cringeworthy Social Media Presence
Young Italians flock to become shepherds: First of all, this headline ftw. Secondarily, what techniques/improvements?
The David Gemmell Legend Award Shortlist - In Conclusion
The David Gemmell Legend Award Shortlist - In Conclusion: Generally sound, but I CANNOT MOTHERFUCKING BELIEVE I am asked by grown-ass people to sit here and take "Straight Razor Cure" AND Grimwood's "Fallen Blade", NEITHER OF WHICH is epic fantasy, and BOTH OF WHICH are piles of utter crap, seriously for the Morningstar Award and the DGLA, respectively. Also "The Heroes" is no Iliad. Slightly interested in "Blood of Aenarion" now.

Good sentence: "I have opinions about The Wise Man's Fear, but I have more or less resigned myself to its frightening popularity. Its ill-considered, pedophiliac, genocidal poverty porn has swept through fandom like a gentle summer storm."

Pirate Bay Enjoys 12 Million Traffic Boost, Shares Unblocking Tips
Why the Avengers need the Black Widow: slightly funny, but pretty sexist upon reflection.

Black Widow: dressed in relatively concealing, combat-ready clothing, except in one scene while undercover, and even then in a pretty standard underwear combo. Never shown fighting as an Avenger in anything but her full, concealing, practical uniform.

The idea that you need superpowers to be an Avenger: dumb as shit, and not addressed in re: Hawkeye. Even Iron Man's only in a suit.

Natasha is a valuable team-member who contributes to the film's plot. Why is this a subject for questions? Esp. when Hawkeye wouldn't get this shit? She's not even PARTICULARLY sexualized by the bulk of the film, in comparison with other Fighting Women (see reboot Starfire or Catwoman for cringey examples). The visual language of the team combat scenes does not particularly dwell on her body and contortions thereof, so much as on her personality ("it'll be fun") and her extreme physical and situational effectiveness. Captain America shields her from shrapnel once, while Hawkeye, the other person who lacks super-strength or armor as protection, takes similar cover. There isn't much acknowledgement of her as 'non-super woman' in the fight.

It's small and perhaps not a legit criticism, but I find it weird that this cartoon even needs Fury to be Not Really Blind. It's ostensibly for the sake of a quick visual (hah) gag, but between this and sidelining Black Widow (AND NOT HAWKEYE, I find it pertinent to *keep saying*), what's obviously a quick reference seems to slide into all Difference from the cartoonist's idea of the Superhero needing to be collapsed, so that he can, idk, masturbate to the banal Captain America movie forever, because that is the kind of shit he likes.

10 Gorgeous Buildings Made Out of Books
Grimwood’s Venice: Love and War in the ‘City of Sex and Death’: gaaaaaaaag, this book is the worst.
Le Café de L’Enfer, a Hell-themed café in Paris’s red light district.
Allow me to address some pet peeves [about common misconceptions regarding women and comics], with pictures
Lost parakeet tells Tokyo police its address
Cecil Court/Booksellers' Row
Industrial Gasworks Park Wedding
Nobody Cares About The Fixed Costs Of Your Book, Movie, Whatever
Politics at the Tip of the Clitoris: Why, in fact, do they hate us?


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