Apr. 27th, 2012

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Pretty Vintage Classics covers
Free foot-tunnel under the Thames
Nigella Lawson: surgery is the secret of my weight loss (but only for my bunions): lulz. Oh, Nigella. <3
A Producer Once Tried to Help Julia Louis-Dreyfus By Telling Her Curly Hair Wasn’t Fuckable: it's kinda weird that the article doesn't mention that this is an argument about ethnic Jewish hair, really. V. possibly one between Jews, engaging in a type of internecine hair-shaming v. often discussed in re: the black community.
Cake Boy cafe
A:EMH probably canceled, second half of S2 scrapped to suck: fml generally, apparently Justice League and Spectacular Spiderman v.g.
Badass Human!MLP grouping
William Morris curtains we might get for our Arts&Crafts room
cute fun chubby human Pinky Pie
Cute Muslim human Fluttershy
Posing Like a Man
“Concerning Historical Authenticity in Fantasy, or Truth Forgives You Nothing” by Daniel Abraham
Color blind racial ideology linked to higher instances of racist thought processes ›: this would be better as a blog post
fantasymistressworks, DAUGHTERS OF PROMETHEUS, and
SF Mistressworks: reviews of SF&F texts written by women (reviewers can be either gender, I think)
Checkpoint Charlie's new cold war with the hot dog vendors
A Point of View: In defence of obscure words: Fucking christ Will Self is precious, simultaneously whinging and dim. Some good words though, "albeit recherché".
Superheroes movies like Avengers Assemble should not be scorned: Bit cute, bit geh.
Send Us Your Nostalgic and Nutty Prom Pictures
New York Madam’s Husband Nonplussed by Our Justice System
Hilarious romance novel blurb
German Olympian Calls Out Crap Email Dude on Facebook
Too ugly for TV? No, I'm too brainy for men who fear clever women
'Pasty tax' protest is taken to PM David Cameron
My Mom Is My Best Friend, and That’s Not Necessarily a Good Thing
Incredibly Fat Cat Makes Me Feel So Many Things
How Terrible Dating Advice Can Actually Help Unemployed College Grads
Pictorial guide to making Lamingtons: MAYBE DO THIS FOR JUBILEE?
Newborn Baby to Father: Screw You
very good cosplayers
Welcome to Burgess Hill, The Mod ’60s Boarding School Where You Can Do Whatever You Want
Full video of Burgess Hill School
Summerhill School
So, kids, anyone for double physics? (But no worries if you don't fancy it)
Egypt Considers Allowing Men to Have Sex with Their Dead Wives’ Bodies
London: The Costumes of Angels
Meet the Face of Objective Beauty
Escaped Puppy Runs on to Runway and Causes Cutest Airport Delay Ever
Ritzy Chicken Nuggets
Kitty Discovers Ecstasy Courtesy of a Neck Massager
Not Many People Brought Their Daughters to Work Today, and That’s Okay
A Complete Guide to ‘Hipster Racism’: I sort of wish this piece had been willing to cover the topic with depth and subtlety? That's not really their MO, but it's what I think the issue needed.
A Girls Writer’s Ironic Racism And Other ‘White People Problems’: Also, not to be Sour Grapes about this, but having well-placed parents and going on to work in their industry at a young age due to being well-placed to capitalize on key opportunities doesn't make you a "prodigy"? I mean unless we're prepared to count Christopher Paolini. And I'm pretty much not. It's fine, I'm not judging it, but it's sort of a 'born on third base' question: what you achieve while there may indeed be great, the fact that you Are There is not really in and of itself an achievement, given that your initial positioning heavily facilitated it.
Get baking tips from Jo of the BBC's Great British Bake Off
Why Readers Disagree, by Tim Parks: interesting--not sure I agree, but potentially interesting.


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