Apr. 22nd, 2012

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Some tasks from the week before this last one--have been rather occupied this week and have lost track of stuff what I've done )

What's your favorite color/X-RAY!

Mihir S Sharma: Our creamy layer: Stratification in India

THE FUTURE OF US is a “Like” sign slapping the face of humanity, forever
Dan Lepard's jam tart recipes
A particularly strong ""Why are you voting for Obama?
Ann Romney’s Birthday Party to Be Hosted by a Dude Arrested for Barbecuing a Dog
The novel saved by a police forensic team
THE LANGUAGE OF FANTASY: AN INTRODUCTION: lulz, that was nothingy and I have low expectations for this cluster of posts
Muslim woman's bra photo sparks controversy, University condemns staff member's actions: the Saudi Education Centre in Kamloops seems to be talking shit?
Big Box Stores Are Ruining Everything and Filling Us All With Hate
In 1913, London bon vivant Upton Uxbridge Underwood published his masterpiece of Edwardian esoterica, The Language of the Beard, offering it by subscription to fashionable men of leisure. This prized bit of ephemera has attained a legendary reputation among bibliophiles and beard lovers around the world.

A handful of entries from the glossary:

Barbognosis—among primitive peoples, attribution of all wisdom to “beard power”

Barbophilia—unnatural practice of tugging, stroking or fondling beards for erotic gratification

Bartigfreude—sense of pure delight at the sight of a beard

Bartigschlag or bartigfurchterlich—sense of abject horror at the sight of a beard

Beard Age—a gaslamp-era beard magazine

Gullet-awning—any drooping or full-bodied beard

Jaw-moss—muttonchop sideburns

Lip Lettuce—a moustache; a "prelude to a beard"

The Pogonosophist—a ponderous Edwardian beard journal

"Toy" beards—any of the exquisite, miniature beards manufactured by the Deuce Novelty Company as costume attire for small pets such as mice, hamsters, or parakeets

REVIEW: A Private Gentleman by Heidi Cullinan
The Quest for e-Weird concludes Bedtime Stories for Children You Hate by Antoinette Bergin sounds good. Why do I keep reading this annoying man?
The Multilingual Geniuses of Rwanda
Illiberal Democrats: this coalition, which promised to do away with Labour's ugly authoritarian approach to the law, proposes to introduce a number of changes to the legal system. These changes are illiberal, unjust and unworkable, and they are part of a wide streak of instinctive control freakery which runs through this government.
Ethical reading, ethical publishing: I think I was supposed to come away from this thinking something other than "HOLY CRAP publishers make a ludicrously inflated percentage of that, and it is weird that we're willing to financially support/be understanding about the officy needs of the publishing profession and not those of the authors." I understand it's not JUST 'people working directly on this title' that are part of that infrastructure, but EVEN 20% of the available monies going to publishers (not counting physical production and distribution costs) would seem high--and actually it's ONLY 10% of an RRP book price to the writer. £3 to a publisher for £0.65 to the writer? *Really?* That--seems wack. Granted the extent to which a book is produced by publishes vs. by authors varies dramatically from title to title, but why do we think it's *generally* vital to pay Penguin Org or whatever full-time living wages and then some, and not like, idk, "I have a second job which is full time" novelists? Maybe there could be a sliding scale based on the level to which publishers contributed to the content production? Shit, why *aren't* there legit better options than this?
Ben Romney Insists that His Mom Did Too Work Raising Five Little Romneys All on Her Own Skimmed. Improper use of 'constitute'.
why YA is useless as a category, and “getting kids to read” isn’t necessarily worthy Yes and no... as almost always with her.
Derweze, aka 'the door to hell'
Women, Men, SFF part deux
We must hone our lap-dancing skills: We are hosting the Olympics, foreign guests are coming and look at the state of this place
From the reading while brown chronicles
Photoshopped Venus
One Million Moms in Danger of Crushing Their Pearls Over Urban Outfitters Catalogue
Black Widow in ridiculous sexy poese
Seitsema's Counter Culture
Hey, Everyone — Stop Taking This Picture! (No, I Mean It.)
How Long Can You Listen to this Men’s Rights Anthem Before You Tear Your Ears Off?
Awards, Panels, Public Votes
Kensington Palace and the Artsy Shenanigans
Priest on the Clarke-crit backlash
Iain Gray on being a politician who likes scifi
Calming Manatee
Mediocre carrot cake
The 2012 Arthur Clarke Shortlist and the Critical Response from Christopher Priest (by Liviu Suciu)
Rare Ancient Statue Depicts Topless Female Gladiator
Generation Y Collectively Squirms at the Truths in Lena Dunham’s Girls: Meh--that Doug Berry can't really write
Writer, with Kids: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Forty years in solitary: two men mark sombre anniversary in Louisiana prison
Here’s The Depressing List of Crap You Could Buy if the Wage Gap Didn’t Exist
Elspeth Cooper on Disability in Fantasy
alt.fiction and EasterCon
On broadening the fanbase
Dear daughter…
Information Science Antelope
Star Wars Nerd Porn – Now in Russian!
Homi Bhabha + Katy Perry
Africans shocked by uncivilized antics of European savages: mocking Spain for being lazy might be kind of cheap given the European racism against their South
Retirement may be mission impossible for Gen X
Tropical Chocolate Cake
World Fantasy: Passing For Lit
Why We Need to Keep Talking About the White Girls on Girls
Vanessa Williams Is an Unapologetic Badass When Talking About Her Abortion
‘It’s Not You, It’s Me,’ We Tell Our Clothes
Vera Wang’s Dad Wrote An Epically Nasty CEFAD To His 30-Year Mistress
Why Guys Really Hate Being Called ‘Creepy’
Curvy asari ladies!
Bloodbath: a good and gory poem about period sex
Comiket today
Children’s Book Teaches Kids That Hamburgers Are ‘Violent and Sad’
Ann Romney: “Why should women be paid equal to men?”
Guess Who's Joining the Cast of Iron Man 3? Plus, Five Other Rad Things We Know About the Sequel
How to get rid of that annoying shit that tries to force you to join something to read articles ob fb and the like
Steak House or Gay Bar?
Is Your Work Commercially Viable?
What Mrs Beeton did to us
American Nuns Busted for Being a Crazy Bunch of Radical Feminists
Court dismisses case against Abhisit
Giant Queen Portraits To Light Up Buckingham Palace
The Readers podcast--a panel I was on was mentioned in I think the second newest (now) one
Coming out of the closet iiiinteresting. Not sure what I think.
Macaroni and Four Cheese with Apples and Bacon Breadcrumbs
Baci di Ricotta

Some flavoured polentas


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As always, no order

--contacted Student Loan people re: deferral
--cleaned out big fridge with Robin
--cleaned out little fridge
--tidied bedroom slightly
--made house calendar
--asked Amy academic q for Jon--couldn’t help
--made to-do
--emailed Abigail
--wrote Senate House
--finished ep 1 of Sapphire and Steel while doing stuff
--300 emails to 13
--fixed Fulbright job ap materials
--emailed those to QM
--helped Katy<3 tidy kitchen
--emailed Warner at Essex
--answered fuckton of comments
--signed anti-CISPA protest
--finished listening to The Readers podcast
--applied to complex and irksome UCL job (well, the *ap* was bad)
--spoke to dad
--started listening to Bleak House (since have had no time to read it on paper lately)


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