Apr. 9th, 2012

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I cannot even deal with the hilarious brilliance of the Project Manager's guide to Classic Who: Castrovalva and War Games.
Double Dare (Studio Version)
The cult of the hyperpolyglot
Being Part of Everyone’s Furniture; Or: Appropriate Away!
Angela Carter’s THE BLOODY CHAMBER on requiresonlythatyouhate
Helen Oyeyemi’s MR FOX, dead women, and stories (also read her on Abercrombie)
Texts From Hilary
Ekaterina Sedia’s HEART OF IRON – feminist Russian steampunk
Obama's Crush on Uhura <3
TOP TEN Books that will make you CRY
Why in the World Would John McCain Tell Mitt Romney to Pick Sarah Palin for His Running Mate?
Punching Sperm-Stealing Women Totally Okay With Men’s Rights Activists
Masquerade Ball Costumes
The Concept of Work/Life Balance Is Kind of Silly
Donald Trump Does Something Okay for Once, Reverses Trans Woman’s Disqualification From Pageant
Female Clown Porn Pioneer Goes Through Chemo. Also, Clown Porn Is a Thing.
Stop Using Cavemen as an Excuse for Your Fad Diet
Like Samantha Brick, I have been hated for my good looks
Sea Of Shoes Blogger’s Parents Gave Her ‘Several Hundred Thousand Dollars’ To Spend On Footwear
When Your Look is Your Livelihood: Finding Balance
Why is the Media Obsessed with This Chilean Revolutionary’s Sexiness?
White Girl College Problems
'There are downsides to looking this pretty': Why women hate me for being beautiful: ahahahah lulz
The Revolutionary ‘Free Sex For Ladies’ Business
How to Celebrate Passover, Jewish-Atheist Style
Scandal Is So Smart, It’s Almost Like It’s Not a Lady-Show
Presenting for your enjoyment a fine selection of
Tea and Kittens: For the removal of stress in office environments

Audio: The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare: 38 Fully-Dramatized Plays (can't get the download user name to work right :( )
The Next Time Someone Says the Internet Killed Reading Books, Show Them This Chart
There's no bones about THIS history
In praise of Joanne Rowling’s Hermione Granger series
Naomi Wolf on Sexual Humiliation and Political Control
In which Antony Bourdain is a classist dick as fucking always
here and here are some fucking bizarre classic Thor panels, courtesy of Yodacrook.
Wisconsin Equal Pay Law Repealed Because “Money Is More Important For Men"
Straight Razor Cure review
Easter Eggs So Cool Even a Design Nerd Could Love Them


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