Apr. 1st, 2012

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Bad News: Hunger Games‘ Amandla Stenberg Knows About the Racist Tweets
Misogyny isn’t caused by male horniness
Genre needs to stop applauding crap, and respect its best writers
How will writers make a living in the future?
Christopher Priest Shouts at Clouds
Understanding Christopher Priest
Need to find more situations in life which can be responded to with last sentence of quote below.
A clinic’s landlord turns the tables on anti-abortion protesters
I Found My Boyfriend's Face on a Dating Website
Dear Fake Geek Girls: Please Go Away
Bjo Trimble
Geekier Than Thou: or Tara Tiger Brown says, 'Dear Fake Geek Girls: Please Go Away'
Make Your Eyes Look Delicious With Burger King Eye Makeup
The Mountain Goats with Anonymous 4: Transcendental Youth
Journalist/Multi-Tasker Sarah Tressler Gives First Interview Since Being Outed as a Stripper
How to cook perfect Goan fish curry
10 Fun, Weird, Sometimes Disturbing Factoids About the $640 Million Mega Millions Lottery
It Probably Couldn’t Happen to You
Detachable Collars
Police face racism scandal after black man records abuse
Marilyn Hagerty and Anthony Bourdain May Write Beautiful Prose Together
Critics Question Whether Jennifer Lawrence Is Skinny Enough in Hunger Games
Shy Boy and his Friend Shock the Audience with The Prayer
Will Hachette Be The First Big-6 Publisher To Drop DRM On E-Books?
March Madness: Is This What You Thought The Final Four Would Look Like?
Here’s How Google Treats Its Employees Like Grazing Animals
New effort by tourism industry to change school start date
Rich Socialites Buy Weird Clothes
The Second Shelf: On the Rules of Literary Fiction for Men and Women
How to Master the Art of Ombré Nails
California College Paperwork Might Get a Little Sexier: I really don't know that this is a good idea
Tony Scalia's Retirement Has Started Early


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