Mar. 25th, 2012

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Travel as a Way of Finding Yourself (Written By Ron Hogan)
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So ages ago I picked up a ton of art magazines left on the street. I'm now selling these on ebay, because I never REALLY wanted them, I just hate things being thrown away, to free up space, and get a bit of money. One of them was a UK!Vogue Best-Kept-Secrets sort of guide. I pruned its contents down to London, things that looked even vaguely useful for 99%ers such as self, and things that looked reasonably priced. As a caveat though, some of the vintage and other stores are included as a look-but-don't-touch-AND-NEVER-BUY-EVER experiential!kind of thing. Some do /actually/ look doable, or at least like nice things for when parents visit. Google names for more info.

Alterations: Mo's Tailoring
Art Supplies: Atlantis Art Materials
Bakeries: Nordic Bakery
Bars: The Library Bar at Lanesborough
Soaps: Fresh
Books: Abebooks, Crockatt&Powell, Tate Modern
Breakfast: Brompton Quarter Cafe&Restaurant, Fresco (doesn't sound nice), Tom's Kitchen (proper caf)
Buttons: The Button Queen, Taylor's Covered Buttons and Belts
Cafes: Fernandez & Wells Coffee Bar, Flat White, Leila's Shop, Macaron Patisserie, Rose Bakery
Car Boot Sales: Battersea Technology Centre on Sundays, first sunday of the month Chiswick Community School,
Certificates: Ardyn Halter apparently does a good ketuba
Cheese: La Fromagerie, Hamish Johnston
Cooking Classes: (if I ever have tons of money) Billingsgate Seafood Training School Enrica Rocca Cookery School, La Cucina Caldesi, Ottolenghi
Cream Puffs: Beard Papa
Cupcakes: Lola's Kitchen
Debated and Lectures: Intelligence^2 at Royal Geographical Society, Miller's Academy of Arts & Science,
Dim Sum: The Drunken Monkey
Fabric: The Cloth House
Fairs & Markets: Battersea Vintage Fashion Fair, Marylebone Cabbages & Frocks,
Fashion: Laden Showroom, LAst Place on Earth,
Fishmongers: Moxon's
Herbs: The spice specialist
Homewares: Couverture, Labour & Wait, Midcentury Modern Show, Pedlars
Ice Cream: Marine Ices
reasonably priced (or so they claim) jewelry repair: Sundries
Lunch: The Wolsekey, Tapas Brindisa
Maps: The Map House
Pools: Oasis Sports Centre
Pubs: Balham Bowls club, The Joiner's arms (Hackney Road),
Quizzes: Marcus Berkmann
Record Stores: Phonica Records
Restaurants: Bonnington Cafe (Veg/Vegan), Chisou, Green Papaya (Vietnamese),
Sausage Rolls: The Ginger Pig
Secondhand and Salvage: East End Thrift Store, Retrohome, Retrovirus, Re-found Objects
Stationers: Ruth Kaye Design, The Wren Press
Sweets: Suck & Chew
Tea: Just St. James, Laduree (Marie Antoinette tea), Teasmith, Treacle World
Trimmings:, Sheila cook
Unpainted furniture: scrumble goosie
Valet Parking: Liberty does this for 10.50 for two hours
Vintage clothes: Absolute Vintage, Bambino, Cassie Mercantile, Mairead Lewin, One, Shikasuki, tin tin collectables (MANY EXPENSIVE SOUNDING OR APPOINTMENT ONLY)
Weather: Metcheck

Chamberlayne Road: Howie & Belle vintage, Circus bric-a-brac, Lexi Cinema, Brown Edward & Co. Carpenters
Mount Street: sight-seeing w/ parents
Bermondsy Street: The Garrison Public House
Redchurch Street: Caravan homewares, Sick vintage shop, Trolley Gallery, Max Wigram Gallery

If Moffat wrote Slenderman (If you like Moffat, I’m sorry.)
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