Mar. 20th, 2012

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I am having... a pretty big problem with my PhD uni, in that it's taking them around three weeks to respond to basic questions like 'when should we start'. Also they seem to have zero sense of financial need. I explained, as per our earlier, interview conversations, that I'd like to start early because of student loan stuff. They really blanked me, basically saying 'even though we said any old time? Now we think September. No stated reason, we just do.' It's SUCH a turn around from how nice and reasonable they were pre-acceptance. And they seem to think my voicing financial concerns is me being unreasonably panicky? Rather than an acknowledgment of the fact that I need money to live, let alone study?

It's so undesirable that I'd not go there if any other decent-ranked school would take me. Other nice people wanted me, but their schools weren't well-ranked. Also, I have no proof that anywhere else is better.

I said I'd give it another month to find enough work to live on, but if I can't, going to demand we start in May. I now no longer really trust their 'we'll absolutely help get your funding in order and we promise you a job all first year and teaching all second and third year' claims.

If they feel it'd be better for me to go through some foundation research courses with other PhD students, and that funding might be better in September, and that I'd have a better/healthy/useful relationship w/ other PhD kids if we all came in simultaneously. That makes sense? But why not say that at the start?

I don't REALLY imagine that'd be thrown off TERRIBLY by my starting a few months earlier? I mean what's the worst I'll do, read a lot and make sub-optimal notes?

But there's really... nowhere else to go, where a PhD will probably get me a job after, among the people I've spoken to who'd have me. I'm sort of stuck with something I think is a bad idea going in, but I'm not at all sure that's not just--true across the board.

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Mar. 20th, 2012 11:49 pm
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Finished D1 of my script. Cleaning it up tomorrow, on a good night's sleep/with a clear head, then giving it to the editors and getting to my review work.

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