Mar. 13th, 2012

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Twitter's tales of sexism
Former Palin Advisor Says Game Change Pretty Much Happened
All other ideas exhausted, Republicans continue attack on TelePrompters
I really like the final pic of an attractive cake
Hillary Clinton Urges Women Not to Take Any Shit
Hobbit pub in Southampton threatened with legal action
Student Loan Forgiveness Petition
Olympics 2012 security: welcome to lockdown London--London 2012 will see the UK's biggest mobilisation of military and security forces since the second world war and the effects will linger long after the athletes have left. Genuinely terrified and saddened. Feel unsafe in the US and, increasingly, here in the UK.
Buckminster Fuller Kit House with Dome
Bacon Will Totally Kill You
The Website Where Cuckolded Ladies Seek Revenge
Polenta with Gorgonzola
Szał uniesień/Ecstasy
Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012
Model Sues Agency for Not Telling Her She Became The Face Of Sally Hansen In 2006
Marie Claire’s Accessories Director Spends More Than You Make, Each Weekend
How Should Google+ Stop Sexual Harassment?
How A Blogger’s Photo of a Red Typewriter Inspired a Designer Dress
Master of the Universe versus Fifty Shades by E.L James Comparison While the conclusion is less boringly obvious and pointless than the preceding article, I do not think these people are even slightly qualified to do what they threaten to: "DA will be presenting a series of posts on fan fiction as a creative form, the fan fiction community, and the legal and ethical issues involved in reworking fan fiction. We will be posting those in the coming days, and we would love for our readers to join the discussion. "
How to Make Facebook Infinitely Better with One Browser Extension


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