Mar. 7th, 2012

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I have got to stop reading so much fucking news, it's such a time!sinkhole.

Casserole dish I invented today to get rid of leftovers, based looooosely on a Nigella pasta bake:

roughly 250g pasta, cooked (measurement related to dry pasta, though)
some lardons
a few strips bacon
couple mushrooms
a red onion
few cloves garlic
Béchamel sort of sauce, with cheese

For the Béchamel thing, start with a roux: do that by taking a tablespoon or two of butter, and a tablespoon or two of flour, and cooking them in a frying pan, whisking/stirring together to integrate. Let that paste cook a bit, get golden. Add milk gradually, stirring to incorporate--make sure the frying pan is a decent size or this will get fucking annoying quick. Add a pinch of nutmeg (sounds weird, but do it for form's sake) and a little bit or herbs de Provence (or other green shit, idk, you probs have oregano). Add some grated cheese (cheddar, parm, mozarella, something). Sea-salt (or regular, whatever) and pepper to taste. Keep adjusting consistency and have this on loooooow while you do other crap, or do it last. One of those little circles that distributes heat that pops under pans like my grandma has might be useful here, if you opt for the former.

Cook lardons and half-strips of bacon (cut) a bit--not all the way, but juuuuust enough so they're not like, RAW? This will prevent nasty-ass diseases. Pig diseases are the worst, did you see the awful pilot of House (seriously what was Wilson doing with his End Moral, and why the fuck did he assume all modern American Jews keep Kosher, does he not go here or something)? So that was awful and made me want to be kosher. Pig worms. Honestly, I ask you.

Anyway, put the pasta in a buttered over-proof casserole dish and then stir your DISEASE FREE pig products in there--dice the bacon. If you're a pussy who can't take the intensity of full-frontal bacon goodness. Or, you know, you like well proportioned bites.

Pop a little butter in the skilled that still has the disease-free bacon grease. Add sliced mushrooms, diced red onions, garlic. Cook, but not ALL THE WAY!!1, just, y'know, a bit. You want the onions to be semi-translucent and the mushrooms to be lightly browned, but not crispy like crispy!Master, because you're going to cook it further, and ew. I read a porn fic like that once.

...and here it is!

So put those in with pasta and DELICIOUS BACON. Stir. Sensuously. Oh yes.

Leeks might also be good in here, or green onion? Or some white wine in the sauce? Portobello mushrooms? Maybe? Not sure. Anyway.

Is your oven preheated to 200? Um. Probably should have warned you to doooooo that...

So! Now your oven! Preheated! Well done, friend. Put your casserole in there form like 15, 20 min? It'll need to sit for like 10 min when done, but other than that, there you go. It's a bit saucy rather than SET, but you can cook it longer or reduce the sauce initially. And everything in here's super malleable so, idk, GO WITH GOD/WHAT LEFTOVERS YOU YOURSELF NEED TO GET RID OF.

Today )

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