Mar. 1st, 2012

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So there is NO vent fan in our house kitchen, and the window only opens a few inches because someone sloppily installed the gutter waaaaay too close. Thus the kitchen gets smoky and the over-sensitive fire alarm constantly goes off, because the heat from an inert twizzler being unwrapped is too damn much for it. So: smoky hell, mucho wall damage, irritating alarm every other night.

I ask the landlady if she'd consider installing a cheap vent fan.

"Hello Erin
We have never had this problem before. You all must be cooking with high heat on a regular basis to set the fire alarm off. Initial answer is no "

What. Like, seriously? I am not sitting here BURNING BACON LIKE THE WIND!!!! There's no fucking vent fan in the sort of kitchen that was obviously built for one, which has no ventilation? You can say 'nope', but not 'OMG WHAT?! YOU GUYS MUST BE COOKING TOO HOT!!' What does that even mean?! Is this a thing?

Buying and installing this thing cannot be £50 all told. It's upkeep that would improve the house's condition. She gets thousands from the property every month. Why is she so dumb? How not to manage property, ladies and gents. Vent faaaaan!! *shakes fist*
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Howard Ashman singing 'Poor Unfortunate Souls' Why DOES Ursula offer a bargain? She could easily just turn Ariel into a worm thing, and/or not even explain the conditions, which she takes time to clarify? She truly is like the Master, in that she sucks at this.
Nigella Pasta Bake


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