Feb. 9th, 2012

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* I'm interested in broadening my reading for Purposes. What are your favorite UK-published (loosely defined) fantasy novels of 2011? #research

* Does anyone know a dead-simple website design program that I can use for free? Bearing in mind that I know like BASIC html mark up and how to navigate like, Web 2.0 interfaces, and nothing more. I could look up how to code some more simple shit, but that /cannot/ be the best means of going about this, and I doubt the result would look v. pro. I'd like to put together something totally unfancy for my former employers, with a main page with a photo, a header, and a links bar, an 'About the Staff' page (4ish photos), an 'About the Practice' page (maybe one photo), and some contact info, with a box in the page that can people can use to send him an email. I can probably read up on how to do that last once I know what program I can work with. If he wants more, I'll go from there. The thing just needs to be decently professional in appearance, built in something I can obtain for free (though I'm aware domain-name space won't be free--that's another thing I'll have to learn about) and for the site to accomplish these relatively simple tasks.

Once that's properly up, I can build him a FB page, a Linked-In profile, and a Twitter to correct his increasingly weird complete lack of web presence, then hand it over to his young receptionist or his young law-clerk to actually maintain.


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