Feb. 1st, 2012

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* This American Life: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/2012

* The British History Podcast: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-british-history-podcast/id440985304


Little sister: *enters a fb!relationship (age 15)*

dating, are we?
have safe sex only when ready and not because you feel pressured by any social constraints or the boy in question!!

Omg he lives in st Louis so don't worry ok no sex here plus mom would skin me

I thought he was in Vermont?
dude his interests suck
Saw, doesn't read, screamo?

Stop stalking my boyfriend!


Shut up
Those arent his real interest

brb, messaging him about safe sex...



Erin please don't it just happend don't scare Hume

I am 100% not going to
...or am I?!
not doing it
but I like that you thought I might
that is gold


Don't scare Hume, guys. You wouldn't like Hume when he's angry. That's just the impression (and the idea) that I get... #Ihaveempiricisthumorlocke'ddown
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* What do we think of Pintrest? Is it just tumblr?
* A way to make Old Bay seasoning
* A recipe blog I like the look of
(this, the pork chops, the no bake mint, reeces and oreo truffles, chicken divan, cookie dough brownies, copycat olive garden breadsticks, cookies and cream cookies...)
* Not sure I know enough about GM foods/Monsanto to responsibly sign this. I mean it sounds bad, but do I REALLY grok the situation?
* I don't even LIKE wine much and I want this
12:09 AM
* Have watched the first and most of the second eps (Netflix cuts off mid second ep--weird, will email them about this) of Scarlet Pimpernell. Better than the really trying books, but overall, unimpressed. Turning Blakeney into always a bit of a sexy jackass is cooler, but it diminished the power of his living an elaborate and demeaning lie. In improving the character, it actually takes away from his coolness. On the other hand, more realistic, because for how long WOULD he have had to keep up this pretense? Longer, one supposes, and beginning before the actual revolution that occasions it. People would notice if he suddenly lost 70 IQ points, and comment.

Weirdly while Grant being a dick is fun, his 'oh my god I forgive you/should have trusted you' turn is... really flat and unbelievable. I do not believe this character loves this woman, which is weird because their smoldering love/hate worked well and was compelling. Grant is doing a REALLY different performance from his Doctor (you wouldn't necessarily think it would be), with a much stranger accent (English/period/Bertie Wooster/sneery?), but someone please direct this man. It doesn't work, saying he's capable of immensely affected poise, if that's like, ALL he's capable of--it becomes not a skill, but a somewhat sociopathic personality. Grant's wit and charm is cold and off-putting because other than shouting the name of whoever he intends to rescue more loudly when in danger, he never seems emotionally involved. Where he should be scared, he is, perhaps understandably, placid. Where he should be moved by love or concern, in-script--nothing. He's got civility over disgust and smarmy!civility. Fairly sure he's actually a good actor. Also throughout Ep 1, REG has a terrible nose pimple I just want someone to pop.

Marg. remains as useless as she was in the novel. She cannot go ten min without being captured and is a complete liability. Also at some point Marg's acting goes to hell and she's relegated to looking at him with soupy adoration--Lady Grantham, you're better than this!

Also I see what they were doing with this scarlet coat with gold pimpernels, but um. No fucking wonder people figure out it's Him.
Bad camouflage AND obvious symbolism.

We ended on a crap pun, so I guess that's something. I may watch ep 1 of series 2: Now My Wife is Dead, and see what the fuck they do with that.


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