Jan. 10th, 2012

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Not a very productive day. Rather lazy and sad. Hard to feel okay when the visa is Out There and I don’t really have answers/security on that. Knowing that I can, quite probably, successfully counter opposition doesn’t feel like a relief so much as a looming obstacle ahead of me.

Have almost used all the left-over-crap from the holidays in various recipes without wasting much of any of it. Score.

You all need to listen to this song though, for real real )

And musings on Pregnance:

Daniel: Beyonce's kid is named blue ivy
i think her next kid is purple kudzu
just calling it now

me: Danny, I already listened to the rap about this [in which Jay Z raps jubilantly about having spawned]
and I feel: correct
except when you say on fb that you're waiting for it [Purple Kudzu] to drop
you fundamentally misunderstand the nature of kudzu
that shit is clinging in there like a horrific foetus that dies inside, rots, and takes mom with it in the highest female gothic tradition
Cut to Jay Z wandering around Manderlay, screaming raps to the sea
the cold, uncaring sea
I guess Purple Kudzu truly was... destiny's child?
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--A meme thing (still coming out) that is big on dw and which you might well enjoy/which I'm idly thinking about doing while it's fresh: http://akamine-chan.dreamwidth.org/249352.html .

--Apparently according to my SH boss in her end of year review, "the third season of Being Human (not to be confused with the tepid American remake) rescued the series from the mistakes of the second and took the show and its characters to a brave, but necessary, place."

I'm kind of interested in trying it, now.

--S1 Project:Runway's Austin Scarlett (Still the one I ruuuuuuuun too! The one I'd ask to dress meeeeee...) has a manky-ass mustache attempt now that looks like his face is fucking kidding.

IT EMERGES: http://frothygirlz.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/austin_scarlett325.jpg
IT BLOSSOMS!!: http://persephonemagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Austin-Scarlett-Project-Runway-All-Stars-Mustache.jpg?d8bc3b

What. the actual. fuck. Austin. Austin. Pssssssssssst. There's a caterpillar on your faaaaaace. #onlytryingtohelp


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