Jan. 9th, 2012

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* Does anyone know how to make something be an RSS feed on one's flist without having a paid account? Something not currently a major subscribable RSS feed? I'd like to follow the amazing innovative researchy chef from the last series of Great British Bake Off's food blog here http://timetocookonline.com/title/ , but know not how to do so in a convenient manner.

* I do a review of 2011 in Genre, along with the rest of the Strange Horizons Cast and Crew. Click if that is your bag (baby). I've already noticed a typo in mine. Deeelightful.


Also, two of the things I absolutely spat upon in my SH reviews, other people marked as like, some of their fav books of 2011 in their Year End Round-Ups. Is my heart just bereft of love? Also, how awk do I feel? I was sort of going 'where oh where is the good genre shit, what will reinvigorate my enthusiasm, not this crap', but um
...that was it?

* Also: http://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/london-special/parkour-generations/2576066?nlp=&CID=UK_CRM_1_0_0_9&a=1652 Should I try parkour? Downsides: looking like an /ass/, physical activity. Upsides: BEING FUCKING AWESOME.

* A nice def of kyriarchy, a word that has seemed to be EVERYWHERE I TURN recently: http://feministphilosophers.wordpress.com/2008/05/01/word-of-the-day-kyriarchy/

* Have you been to Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog? http://chaucerhathblog.livejournal.com/44173.html
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* Oh my god, my piƱa colada macaroons with pineapple cream filling are perfect! Rejoice! (Photo not of mine, but of what they'd have looked like if I had a somewhat better piping nozzle x_x) This is my third attempt making French-style macaroons, and while the first time was okay, I believe this was both the easiest time I've had of it and the most successful batch (#2 Friday night was, though not really my fault, an utter disaster). Really not that bad once I got the hang of it! Will have to practice more, but feeling good about this. I guess the next classic culinary challenge would be the croquembouche or something... Idk, what else is notoriously a bitch?


* It's looking like I may have to learn French if I do the Charm PhD (which is quite likely). And not just 'a little', over the next years I need to get to like, Proust-reading levels. Any tips? Anyone else doing that, or want to do that?

* http://husbandstheseries.com/ : This is decently cute.

* No one in London is interested in going to the Lambeth Graphic Novel Readers Group Meet, are they? They always have well planned sessions organized around stuff like big name authors and Arabic Comic Culture, which I know little about. I'm intrigued, but I don't know people in the UK who like graphic novels (the format annoys my gf).


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