Jan. 6th, 2012

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Today has been such a shit sandwich. I fire today.

* I couldn't find one of the documents I wanted to beef up my application, despite searching for hours.

* The cat peed on the bed, so I had to clean it, and also we DEF have to neuter him now, which I didn't really want to do.

* Cambridge got back, saying they couldn't tell me anything until the end of February. So that's like, another fucking month to figure out what to do in and how to eat during.

* I applied for 10 jobs only to realize I'd made a glaring typo on MOST of the cover letters, which I'd painstakingly altered for each position.

* I had to run around to submit this ap and pay six fucking pounds for the 'please don't lose my motherfucking passport' option. This after having to pay SEVEN POUNDS! for four tiny passport photos the other night. The queue was redonk.

* I had a doctor's appointment that BLEW with some asshole who badgered me about depression and took ten min to basically say 'see some other people early tomorrow morning'. I only mentioned the depression like in CASE it miiiiight be relevant to the migraines, constant nosebleeds and insomnia. He was all WELL YOU TAKE OVER THE COUNTER MEDS FOR THE MIGRAINES SO THAT'S FINE THERE. I was like... dude, I'm like, going to be teaching? I can't be like WOAH SORRY CAN'T TEACH KIDS, IT'S THE GRAAAAAINZ. I need to get the good drugz, sirrah.

* I tried to make ice cream and the egg whites were too old and things splattered me and/or burned the INSTANT I turned around, total disaster

* Oh! oh! And British Customs is holding my Christmas presents because my grandma insured an old phone my mom no longer needs and so is giving me, and they're like EXPENSIVE ELECTRONICS, EH?!?! 50 POUNDS, PLEASE. IF YOU WANT A REFUND, FILE SOME PAPERWORK. BUT PAY FIRST. BTW, DO THIS IN TWO WEEKS OR WE SEND IT HOME AND YOU LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY FOR SHIPPING AND STUFF. LULZ!!

My mom kept being like 'oh just go in there and make them let you open it'. I was like you. moron. It is MOTHERFUCKING BRITISH CUSTOMS. There is no smiley, understanding man in a room, waiting to say 'Aw schucks, sorry missy! Here's your presents from your old gran!'

It's time to FILL OUT A FORM IN TRIPLICATE!! WHOOOOOOOOO!!!! From the people who brought you 'no, you literally can't ship chocolate between the two countries unless you can remember whether it was light or dark and how many individual pieces there were. Oh it's wrapped already? Because you're at the fucking post office? TOO BAD!!!!'

I had to be like 'mom, mom, shut up. They don't care about me. They don't care about my poor old gran. They do not give *half* a fuck. Just sign an affidavit testifying that the electronics were not new--I need to give them an original copy.'

* It took WAY longer than I thought to like, get all this paperwork for the visa together today.

* Casual Conversation Blunderz: on fb, my little brother is like 'hey, what's your source of income?' ...and I kind of want to cry.

"Me: student loans, some stuff I earned earlier, the new student loans as soon as I enroll in my PhD program, and I'm trying to get jobs atm

Sam: ok sounds shity
i mean like a rough time

Me: yeah
it's not my brightest hour
but I'm in a PhD program, at least one, so
it's a situation a LOT of people my age are in

Sam: there is a light house shining brightly in the harbor you just have to fight the waves to get there"

/gay/, Sam.

* Oh, oh, also? The cat got SO SAD that I yelled at him for peeing, and then I felt AWFUL.

* THEN! we were playing, and I was play batting him through some black fabric I THOUGHT was really thick?

Not. Really. Thick. He accidentally clawed the SHIT out of my hand. He couldn't even see it, and wasn't trying to hurt me, but OWWWWWW. And in the annoying unbandagable bendy hand bits too! It made making ice cream a CHORE.

ON THE PLUS SIDE, man, these onion and cheese tear and share rolls Katy made are the BOMB...


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