Jan. 2nd, 2012

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Today I:

--got back from Yately (Bit of a faff--busses turned out not to be running despite the website’s having indicated they would, and I had a migraine, but we tidied Katy’s mom’s house, packed up everything, and walked 15 min to Becca’s in the cold pissing rain so she could take us to the train station. Two trains and a bus later we got home and cleaned things. Cat had been saving ALL THE POO IN ITS TINY BODY *just for us*. Joy.)
--put away and did a TON of dishes
--watched P1 of the new Great Expectations
--watched P2 of the new Great Expectations
--cleared a lot of emails (30-something down to 6)
--emailed two immigration consultants updated into asking for help clarifying my visa options, updated my lawyer!dad on the sittuation
--made exhaustive to-do list
--aired both bathrooms, the kitchen, the bedroom, the living room and the halls for over an hour each, w/ cat cleared from them in turn
--did all dishes
--swept kitchen floor
--cleaned kitchen surfaces
--mended broken platter
--corrected CV
--spoke to my mother, Meghan and Sam
--sent detailed letter and updated CV to Oldfield Consulting
--did Peter’s Graze present
--found Charm paper and sent to Warner
--read a lot about pdf to word converter options
--pushed the latest copy of my thesis through the best converter
--sent the resulting file to Katy to see if her Word could open it (pretty much, but not really well enough that it won't be a massive faff to correct it properly)
--Sent Warner both the full .pdf version I turned in and some cleaned-up excerpts of my thesis


Jan. 2nd, 2012 04:35 am
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You don't happen to know any American-accented folk who want to be in a v. funny Doctor Who radio/audio play about crazed football cultists attempting to summon the Jayhawk to vanquish the rest of the conference/possibly the world, do you? Or a variety of other such plays? Our series is having slight casting issues (esp. as regards finding anyone w/ a penis) (Though really not to the extent I might have expected, given that it's a huge complex project and people in fandom are not necessarily ALL also drama geeks.). But also: where are all the frigging Americans? I asked someone to write a whole ep set in the midwest on the premise that fandom was swimming with Americans and casting would a cinch, but while Brits are willing to audition in droves, I'm left shaking down everyone back home who just *might* know ballsy drama types.

So, if you're a man or a woman, or know a man or a woman (and not *just* ones with US-accents), feel encouraged to contact us via http://radio-sonic.livejournal.com/735.html for auditions, and/or http://radio-sonic.livejournal.com/443.html here for remaining production positions. It'd be BRILLIANT if you knew anyone! The main thing here http://radio-sonic.livejournal.com/profile also links to our twitter and tumblr accounts, should people need more general information and want it in a non-lj form.


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